Friday, August 20, 2010

Let the Teaching Begin!

I started my student teaching this week! No, the students were not there...and HBU doesn't start until Monday. However, we started this week!

The nice thing was, I didn't have to be there until 8 :) So I got to leave my house at 7:20! Next week I will have to be there by 7:30, so I have to leave by 6:55 or 7! Eek!

This week was pretty good, Monday I had student teacher orientation, then Tuesday I started going to the school :)

Tuesday I went to the school and found out that my teacher was in training at Kempner High School (my school is on the opposite side of highway 6- near Murphy road). So I get to Kempner...oh my gosh, that place is big! lol  I found the room and met my teacher. Then I learned for 3 hours about their new grade book/report card system. Did I mention 3 hours?! We leave and I eat lunch with my teacher and another 1st grade teacher at Boston Market :) Pricey, but really yummy!

Oh! Yeah, I went in Tuesday thinking I had 2nd grade and then 5th grade later in the semester. While my teacher was looking at the new grade book software, everything said 1st grade. I didn't think much of it, since it just got released for everyone. Then she asked who I had for 5th grade, I tell her the name and she goes "Um, that's 4th grade!". I asked her which grade she was in "Your second grade right?" Nope! My professor accidentally put 2nd and 5th grade, but I really have 1st and 4th grade!! Yay!! I was soo nervous about having 5th grade! I've done 4th grade before, so it calmed my nerves!

Back to Tuesday....we went back to the school, got to be in my teacher's classroom for about an hour, maybe. Then another meeting! This one I think lasted 3 hours as well. Needless to say, Tuesday was not a very exciting day!

I was/am excited and was/am happy that I have such a nice teacher! She has been teaching for a while so she is knowledgeable! :)

Wednesday was just a work day! So I helped my teacher with her classroom. I cut out a ton of laminated stuff, which is easy, so I didn't mind! My teacher is so cool, she has a projector and screen in her to  fill up the silence, she put an episode of The View on and then an episode of NCIS. Pretty cool! lol
Wednesday was the last day I got to hang out with her this week, since her daughter is a freshman in college and she is going to college in Fort Worth, so she went to help her for the rest of the week.

Thursday, wow! I don't really remember anything! lol All the days get mixed up right now! We had a yummy breakfast catered for the teachers (and me) then there were meetings. I got to see their TAKS scores and how much they have improved! I was impressed! Thursday night was Meet and Greet! I got to meet 17 out of the 22 students and their parents! Since my teacher was not there another 1st grade teacher helped me out. When she wasn't in the room and I was all by myself, I was a little excited, it was like I was a "real" teacher and had my own classroom! hehe

Then today we had another meeting in the morning. Yep, a lot of meetings, but how else is everyone going to get the info that efficiently? Then we had lunch catered! BBQ! Yum! Then this afternoon I helped another 1st grade teacher with getting her supplies organized. Some of the students brought supplies Thurs. night, so I helped her put them away. I got some folders ready for my teacher, cut out some laminated things, put the community supplies away, and put the rest of the items some brought in their desk :) All that without her knowing :) I'm sure she will be happy to see those things already ready!

Monday is when the students start! I will leave my house, prob. at 6:30 or 6:45...the 1st day of school, especially an Elementary School is CrAzY!! My teacher, of course, will be there on Monday. I am excited, but I know I will be so tired! I am looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow morning! :D

Even though waking up early can be hard to do, I realized something this morning. It is so peaceful! With everyone sleeping (well, Joey sleeping), the kitties calm, the sun just starting to peek over into the is so nice and quiet! I wish I would have had time to just sit and rock in our rocking chair. Something about it calmed my spirit this morning while I was rushing to go get ready.

That is one thing I loved to do at OneCamp, when I was a camper. I loved to wake up early, watch the sun rise and do my quiet time. I felt so connected...of course that could have been because I was isolated at camp too.

To be honest, sadly, I am not doing a daily quiet time. I want to, I do! I just don't have the drive. I don't have a devotional, I don't know where to start in the Bible. I was reading through it, but stopped in Deut. Then I tried to read randomly...that didn't last long. I need something! I want to thirst for God's Word! I know I need that spiritual food! It is important for me and to me to be in a close, forever seeking to be closer, relationship with my creator!

Please pray for me that I may crave God's Word, may be patient next week, that in my lack of energy I will not get crabby towards others! Pray for my husband, poor guy...I've been so tired (and haven't been planning ahead) that we've had PB&J's and hot dogs this week for dinner! He is such a great man! I am blessed!

I am on the last part of my college journey to begin another one that God has called me into! Here I go! :)

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Cheap, Lovely Crafts!

I decided today that I wanted to share with y'all all of my favorite low cost crafts that are around our house! All of these have cost me less than $3!!

Total Cost:

- Jar: from my grandma
- Filler(wooden spools, thimble, and ribbon): 
was in an old sewing kit from my grandma

Total Cost:
$2 (or $3...can't remember)

Mirror: from a garage sale
I posted about this before! It was an ugly flat black...I sanded it, perfect!

Total Cost:

Basket: set of 3 from Hobby Lobby .60
Clay cups: Joey made them (Free!)
Greenery: leftover from wreath
I really like the natural-ness look of this! 
It looks like I just picked a few branches and put them on display!

(Lighting in our guest bath is not nice for pictures)

Total Cost:

Frame: already had, just took out another picture
I just had to print it out, I used a glue stick to put 
the picture together and to make it looked aged(it gave it the crinkly/discolored look)
Yep! A good ole' Elmer's glue stick!


Vase: from IKEA (originally clear)
Flower: Free! Leftover from our wedding
I spray painted the vase with my white primer. I love how this turned out! :)

Total Cost:

Candle Holders: (yep those are candle stick holders) Free from my grandma!
Rocks: bought a few years ago...reused
Fake Moss: $1 from Dollar Tree
I just put these together yesterday! I really like how these turned out! :)

Total Cost:

- Pitcher: from my grandma (free!)
- Greenery: leftover from wreath

I hope you enjoyed looking at my thrifty crafts! :) Some of these things we already had around our house and  they just needed some sandpaper/spray paint love, others just needed to be put together! So look around your house, you might find some items that can be paired with something different to have a whole new look! :)

Crazy Times

Sorry I haven't made a post in a while, I have been BUSY!

I had a comprehensive final to study for Tuesday. Of course we had the last test before the final the Friday before. Then last Tues. I find out that I need to sign up to get approved to take a practice test for the TExES Generalist. Umm...I haven't studied at all by that point.  So by Monday I had to meet with a lady and convince her that I am ready to take this practice test.


So if you are a little stressed reading this then you know how I feel!

Well I took the practice test on Thursday. I need a 80% in order for them to approve me to take the real test in Oct. For the real test, you only need 70% to pass. They figure if you can do 80% on the practice you can surely pass the real test.

Well...I made a 77%. 3 points away. Ugh. I was happy though that if that was the real test I would have passed!  I am happy that God allowed me to do so well :)

Oh, I also got my student teaching assignment! *smile/nervous smile*

I will be doing my student teaching at Quail Valley Elementary (FBISD)! I will have 2nd grade and then 5th grade!

I read my assignment and was like *EEK* 5th grade!! I've never taught higher than 4th. However I talked to Joey (he is so wise and can always calm me down) and he reminded me that it will be good experience! By the time I will graduate, I would have worked with K, 2, 4, and 5th graders :)
*EDIT 08/28*
   I have 1st grade and 4th grade!! :D The paperwork was wrong! Yay!! 5th grade would have been fine, but I am so relieved that I have 4th grade!

I am excited and scared about what is coming with this new step!

Scared because this is it! After this, I have to grow up and get a job! That will be the last step in growing up. Sounds silly, since I'm married and have a house...both which are really "grown up" things. However graduating college is the final step for me into adulthood. I don't know if that makes sense, but I'm sure I'm not the only one who has felt this way!

I am excited also for what is to come! That also scares me, but I know this is what God wants me to do with my life! I can feel it, the naturalness of it, when I get into the classroom! At first I am nervous, then I get over the newness, and I am ok :)
I am excited about graduating, about the paycheck that will come with this new job, about having my own classroom!

I have looked at student teaching as a scary thing so far. Something that will make me wake up early, make me nervous, challenge me. However I should remind myself that this is the journey God has set out for me! I should be excited that I am doing something that God has called me to do! He will not put more on my plate than I can handle!

What an amazing God we have!