Monday, May 30, 2011

Gallery Wall

For Christmas I asked for a bunch of black frames so that I could do a family gallery wall! My sweet in-laws got me a pack of ten frames!

They just sat there. Waiting for me to hang them...waiting for pictures to be put in them.

One day I tackled it! I laid the frames out the way I wanted. Then I traced the frames on some brown paper we had.Then hung the paper up on the wall. I kept it like that for a few days just to make sure I liked it.

Then I put nails where the hangers are, pulled the paper down and hung the frames!

This gallery wall holds pictures of Joey and my family! It was easy finding pictures of his family! I thought that would be the hardest part. However there are more pictures up right now of his family than mine! I need to enlarge some pictures,of my family, for the rest of the frames. 

Here is my gallery wall! 
It's a little hard trying to take a picture without getting yourself in the mirror!

 At night!

Three frames on the left:
- My favorite photo of my great grandma and I, when I was a baby
- Not filled yet
- Photo of Joey and his dad

On Right:
- Red filler- photo to be added soon
- Picture of my Joey's mom and stepdad
- Filler pic
- Flowers are from a floral arrangement from my great grandma's funeral
- "Ghost Rider in the Sky" written down by my great grandma. I found it in a bible my great grandma had since she was a girl. She must have put it in the bible years and years ago!
- Photo of Joey's biological mom and aunt
- An adorable pic of Joey's Grandad and Joey as a baby 

I told you I need more of my family! 

I plan to add:
- Picture of my dad- possibly my favorite one of me as a baby and him ( I need to resize it)
- Picture of my mom and grandma- if I can find a good one
- Possibly a picture of my brothers or sister

We'll see :) 

I am really happy with how it turned out! I'm thinking about eventually adding a shelf so I can add some things that are from our family. I have that old bible from my great grandma. Tonight I got some cute, handmade, tin flowers that have been passed down through Joey's step family. It would look cute on a little shelf on this wall! 

Have a great night! :)

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Projects I love!

I thought making a list on my blog would be better than saving all these different websites to my favorites!

These are all projects I want to do one day!

- Rainbow Wreath! I love it! 

- Another wreath I love! 
- I already have ladybug beads for this one!

- A cute flower pin! 
- This site has great tutorials!

-Thumb tack vase filler balls
- LOVE this one! I think this one will be made soon! 
These can also be made with silver/gold tacks and won't have to be spray painted!

- Customized candles! 
- I already have a heat gun! Yay!
When I saw this one I was so excited since this is another way we can use our heat gun! :)

- Jersey Knit Bracelets! Adorable!

Last but not least...

- Faux Metal Wall Art....made from toilet paper tubes!!
Her's are so nice looking! 

That is all! There are so many great ideas floating in blogland! These are just some that inspire me!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

3 Little Pictures

I have a fever today. Ugh. So I have already watched a great amount of tv...I'd clean or something, but I get easily tired. So I thought I'd post about my 3 little pictures!

I got them hung! Yay! For some reason I was procrastinating on hanging them. Perhaps because my original idea was to have them lined up on the wall and I am not good at making things level. Plus, it took me a while to decide where to hang them.

I got them hung and I think they are adorable! They are in the hallway that goes to our guest bath.

They are straight, I just snapped a pic more from the side

- Kitty picture: had it (my mom made it when she was young)
- Mushroom picture: got it from my grandma
- Owl picture: garage sale- .50

All together they make a cute, unique little grouping!

I will be on the lookout for more little pictures like these. The wall is pretty tall, so a few more would look cute!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

More Chalkboard Goodness!

I love chalkboard paint! I recently got me some chalkboard spray paint! Awesome stuff! Its easier to get even coverage with it! Plus it was on sale when I bought it! :)

Here's my project I was working on!

It started with this:

A $2.00 mirror!
I have previously written about it here.

I knew what I wanted to do with it when I saw it :)

Here is the after:

I didn't repaint it like I thought I wanted to. The green color grew on me, plus it was easier to keep it the same!

You see the "distressing". Well...that was a fix. I didn't tape down the paper well enough on the frame, so some of the paint got on it. To help even it out, I sanded it. I LOVE how it turned out!! 

It toned down the brightness of the green. It's still a fun green, just not as flat bright green as before.

I added hanging hardware on the back. It took a's hard to hit those tiny nails! It was so worth it though!

Here's where it is in our house. In our "formal" front room. 

Yes, we have an arcade in our house! In our formal living/dining space. :)
That's a project Joey and I worked on! 
(That'll be for another post)

I like that there is something on that side now. I moved the little table under it, but I'm still unsure about its placement. We'll see!

I hope your having a fabulous weekend!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Free, Meaningful Decor

I finally figured out what I wanted to use this plaque for!

I got it for free, back in July! The lady at the resale show told me, as I was checking out, "It's a Hummel...too bad it is chipped!" I looked Hummel up, but decided it probably wasn't worth much!

So I decided to paint it. I ripped the picture off. Most of it is still intact...just in case I want to use it for something else. Hoarder or crafty...I'm not sure!

I finally got the idea today of what I wanted to do with the newly painted plaque. So I went and quickly got a map of Texas. I saw a craft a while back where a woman had a framed calendar page. She drew a heart around her and her husband's anniversary. That got me thinking. 

I got out an old map that we had. I picked a town that meant something to me and drew a heart around it. You probably have never heard of the town, unless you are in my family. I chose Mathis,Texas. It's a tiny old town. 

I chose it because that is where my great grandma lived. All my life she lived there. There are so many memories I have in that town. Going to the Dairy Queen to get her a hot dog...she loved the chili cheese hot dog and it was a treat for her! It was a small town, so there wasn't many places to go, but every time we visited, we went to Dollar General. Sounds silly, but we didn't have those in our town yet...and getting to spend $5 on candy in there was pretty fun!

She lived in her little white house for so many years! She taught me how to play Spite and Malace and Saul. I don't remember how to play now, but I have great memories of us playing cards. 

There are so many special memories made there!

Here is how it turned out!

I am so happy with it!! I used my Mod Podge to glue the map down and then to seal it. Everything I used, I had on hand! So this project was free! :)

It is such a simple project, but it reminds me of memories that mean so much to me!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday! (WIWW)

Alright, here it goes. My very first What I wore Wednesday post! I'm not promising that I will have one every week, but I want to do it often enough to keep me accountable in trying new outfits!(I won't be buying many new things, just trying to get creative with what I already have!)

I took these photos last month.

I am still trying to find a way to take a full length photo in our mirror, the lighting is behind me so it doesn't look too great!

I got this dress to wear to Joey's Grandad's birthday party at a nice restaurant! I love the dress! :) My mother-in-law was with me as I was trying it on, she said it made me look skinny! I am also able to wear it to my substitute jobs or my, eventually, teaching job. 
- Dress: Kohl's 
- Shoes: Payless - I love these cute red flats!

Ack! Bad lighting! 
-  Purple striped shirt and  navy capri's: Kohl's
- necklace: me!! :)

I think the necklace is cute! It took me a night to make it. I finally got it where it was not too flimsy. The great thing is, it can come off of the chain! I made little loops in the back where the chain slips through. 

That's all I have right now. I made a point to take pictures those days since I looked "dressed" up and accessorised ! lol

**Edit- Somehow after I edited it before, it got erased! Must have been when Blogger was having problems!
So after posting this I was looking at the picture of me in my red flats. It got me thinking how much I missed my go-to dressy sandals. I wore them to my cousin-in-law's wedding and the strap broke just before the wedding! I had to safety pin them so I could wear the shoe. I was upset when they broke, but they lasted me at least 7 years! So after posting this I decided to go to Payless to see what I could find!

Here is what I found!
- Silver dress shoes: on sale for $14!
- "Sweet Pea" green wedges: on sale for $15!
B1G1 50% off
I paid under $20 for both pairs! Score!!
At first I was a little unsure about the silver. My last pair was a champagne color that made me look tan (which I need all the help I can get there)! However once I found out they were on sale! SOLD! :D

Have a great day, I hope it is sunny where you are!

Sunday, May 8, 2011


Sorry it has been a while since I have posted! I worked Wed-Friday last week and Burney had problems last week that had him at the vet for 3 days. He just got over his tummy blockage and he gets a urinary tract blockage. Not good. The vet said if we would have waited one more day Burney's bladder would have burst! :( I am so thankful that I picked up on his weird behavior and took him to see the dr!

Alright, to the less scary, more fun stuff!

I made these cute cupcakes for our Easter with my in-laws!
I learned 2 things:
1. Chocolate + Peeps = DELICIOUS!
2. If you make cupcakes with Peeps on top,only put them on the amount of cupcakes you think will be eaten. I ended up with 34 cupcakes and I put Peeps on all of them. 15+ came home with me. The marshmallow soaks up some type of moisture from the cupcake. The day after this, the Peeps were soft/soggy on the bottom.Still yummy to eat though! Slowly, as time went on the whole Peep got soggy! Gross! 

I went to Target last week. Guess what I saw!?
Easter clearance! Woot! I love it when seasonal stuff goes on clearance! The best is if you can wait till the 90% off!
This is what jumped in my basket. 
- 2 Sugar Cookies (left over from Christmas...still good until Sept, I checked)- .18 each!
- 2 York Peppermint Patties- .72 each
- Reese's Pieces (for Joey)- .72
- Suave Dry Shampoo (random I know...had a coupon for a free item)- Free!
- 2-  6 pack of washcloths - .79 each!

Total: $4.10!!
Saved: $27.12!

I was SO happy to find those washcloths!! I had seen a set when it was 50% off and thought 3.99 was a good price. I figured if I found some 90% off I'd get another set. I found these 2, not with the Easter stuff, but in the bath department! I'm glad I was scoping the clearance items on the end-caps! 

That is all I have! Got to go, we are having my mom, grandma, Joey's mom and step-dad over for dinner in 30 minutes! Joey's sister is eating dinner with us too, she's already hangin' out with us :)

Have a great Sunday!