Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Yay! Another What I Wore Wednesday! I'm linking up to The Pleated Poppy!

I haven't been the best keeping up with this every week. Oops! I did have a fever for almost a whole week earlier this month.

Onto the pictures:

This is what I wore to the FBISD job fair (back on June 7th)
-Dress: Kohl's
-Shoes: clearance at Payless!

This past week

(Weird facial pose...)

I wanted to try something I would never try normally. 
Get out of my comfort zone!
I wore this to have lunch with my mom. 

I used a scarf to tie around my waist to add some color!
I also wore my adorable green wedges
-Dress and Scarf: Target (a couple of years ago)
- Leggings: Kohl's clearance! 
- Wedges: Payless

Overall I like the outfit! It's funky!
The scarf/ribbon has many different colors, including the green to go with my shoes. 
The only thing was the scarf kept wanting to roll up. 


Ack, weird face. I wanted to show my cute headband and look at the camera!
I had lunch at Gringo's with a friend on Thursday!

- Shirt and shorts: Kohl's
-  Favorite comfy headband: from my friend, Evelyn

Evelyn understands the hard time I have finding headbands.
 I told her that I think my head is big, since I have a hard time finding ones that don't hurt my head or give me a headache after a while. 
She totally understood and said she has the same problem. 
She told me when she found this one, she tried it on just to make sure I could wear it!
What a great friend :)

I wore this to church, then the movies and the rest of the day. 
This dress is SO comfy!
It has a lot of extra fabric around the tummy, that's not fat or a baby. I promise!

My mom bought this dress for part of my birthday present! :)
You can also see my adorable flower pin Joey bought me for Valentine's Day!

-Dress: Target (only$20) 
- Cami: Kohl's a good while back
- Flower pin: Etsy (Sunshine and Carousels)
- Shoes: Charolette Russe

That is all till next time! :) I hope you are having a great week!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Picture Post

It's Saturday! Yay! I love the weekends! I realized that I have pictures I wanted to share, but they aren't the newest. Enjoy!
Joey and I got to meet Leo Laporte!! I was nervous to talk to him!
He owns TWiT...which has a series of netcasts that we watch. So to me he is famous! :)

We went to SXSW in Austin this year!
 We got to see a live TWiT show and meet many people that host netcasts we watch! :) 
We met Brian Brushwood and Justin R. Young of NSFW 
(which, by the way, is not an R or X rated show).
We got to see Diggnation live! 

Demi Moore and Ashton and creepy Pee Wee Herman (Paul Reubens) were there for the live Diggnation. (We didn't get to meet them, but they were watching the show from the VIP balcony at Stubb's)

We had a lot of fun and plan on going back next year! 


I forgot to post about this adorable wreath I won in a giveaway a while back!
 I won it from Dragonfly Designs.  It is such a cute rosette wreath! 
I was so excited to have won her giveaway! I still love it! It adds so much more cuteness to the mirror!


A cute picture of the boys! Burney has been so snuggily lately! I love it! He comes in the kitchen when I'm in there and meows at me. He loves to drink the left-over milk from my cereal! He's not too patient with me while I'm eating my Fruit Loops! :)

I found out Yao cannot have upsets his tummy. 
Yao has had allergies lately, but not too many sneeze fits lately. Which is good! 


We've had a visitor! This little kitty likes to hang around our house and our neighbor's house. We can't get close to it because it runs, but we've seen it multiple times around our house. Since it's so hot, I've been putting out water and a little food for it :)
Thankfully Daisy has not seen it. 
She freaks out even when Yao and Burney are outside and she's not. 
I guess she thinks they are strange cats. 
She starts to hiss and growl. 
We've had other kitty visitors come up to the patio door and she's freaked out!
Then it's in the laundry room she goes until she calms down. 

So I'm happy that she hasn't noticed this cute kitty wondering around on our back fence! 

That's all for now!
Have a great weekend!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

To my Dad

Happy Father's Day Dad!

Yep, I am writing a post just for my dad! I am sure I will cry while typing this out!

I am such a Daddy's girl! I always have been! My dad still has that super hero complex in my head.

I am so blessed to have such a hardworking, talented, God loving, humorous and wise dad!

(Oh man...I'm already starting to cry!)

My dad is one of the most hardworking men I know! He grew up on a farm and I think that made him into such a hard worker. He does the best he can do in whatever he is doing! If he doesn't know how to do something he is not afraid or too proud to learn.

He is such a handi-man! He can fix anything! He can weld, build fences, fix car engines, you name it...he can do it. It is amazing!

He works long hours as a welder. I don't know how he does it! But he does it all to support his family!

Not only can he fix stuff...he sings and can play some great guitar! I think it is impressive when someone can play an instrument and sing at the same time. Perhaps that is because I can't do it! :) All throughout my life I remember my dad singing or playing guitar. There were a lot of times it was both!

One thing that I admire my dad for is he is a strong Christian. He became a Christian when I was young. I can't remember my exact age, but I'm guessing 9 or 10.

My dad was one of the first Christians I knew that once he accepted Christ, things were different for the better. He would spend so much time in the garage reading his bible. The bible my mom gave him as a present is so worn,written in, and dog-eared. I love it! He inspired me as a young Christian to know more and I loved talking to him about God. He still inspires me today! How blessed I am to have such a godly father!

With his wisdom he helped me understand things and also challenged me to know God better. It means so much to me to see him become a Christian and then for him to help me to become one and help me grow.

He started listening to Christian music after that. I am really fond memories of us jamming to Third Day or even "This Old House"...I think the Gaither's sung. Hearing either that band or that song instantly reminds me of my dad! :)

Another part of him I absolutely adore is his humor!
Oh man! I remember him making my great grandma laugh and laugh! I think I got a lot of my sense of humor from my dad. He gets tickled by small a commercial or a horse acting silly. I like that! I get so excited/laugh/amused by the smallest things! I think I got that from him! When we talk on the phone or are together we always laugh!

I have such a great dad! Growing up, he worked so hard to provide for my family! That didn't stop him from supporting me in all I did! He was even a coach for my Little League team! :) He also came to the football games that I marched in. Even if that meant driving an hour and a half to get there.

I am so blessed to have you as my father! You have always supported me with whatever I wanted to try to do! You were patient with me when I was too scared to learn how to ride a bike, or when I ran your Tahoe into a telephone pole when learning how to drive! Thank you for all that you have done for me! Thank you so so much!!

I love you BIG much!

Happy Father's Day Daddy!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Happy Tuesday!

I hope everyone had a great Monday! My Tuesday is going great so far!

Fort Bend ISD had a job fair this morning! I gave out 10 resumes to different elementary schools! I'm hoping that will amount to an interview! :)

On the way home I stopped by Quizno's, got me a yummy sandwich with a free drink and chips! I used a coupon they have on their website!

I ran into HEB to get some yummy grapes that were on sale as well as some butter (we ran out and I need some for sugar cookies I want to make). Went to Home Depot and got us a new bird feeder! :) The other one I had broke (see it here- the kitty feeder) so I was excited to get another one! The kitties and I like watching the sparrows that come to eat! Occasionally a dove will come to eat and the feeder would become lop-sided! Lol

In a little while I am going to rearrange the stuff on the top of our kitchen cabinets. I like the stuff, but to me it looks a little cluttered.

The other day we had a lizard (we have the green anole kind) on our patio door that got Burney's attention. He was jumping to try to reach it. Then I noticed there was another lizard on the other side of the door. One has been hanging around our house and has mated on our patio...I call him Papa or Grandpa lizard. He looks older and usually has a big head, that's how he got his name. Well him and this other male lizard start circling each other! They puff up their throat and chest and they keep flashing their red throat things! Then they'd lunge at each other with their mouth open. It was interesting! It kept the kitties' attention for a good while, even when they couldn't actually see them anymore!

Random Fact: Did you know those lizards shed their skin?! We had one shed his/her skin on our patio! They eat the dead skin that comes off too! I of course grabbed my camera to take some pictures of it shedding.  What a great teaching moment for my class one day!

(On a non-related note)

Yesterday I made Rainbow Pudding Pops!! I was so excited to get to use my Tupperware popsicle set I got at the Citywide garage sale!

Here they are about to go into the freezer!

They turned out pretty good! The recipe uses vanilla pudding. It is good, just rich for me! I like the more fruity type of popsicles.  I absolutely adore the rainbow though! 

Rainbows make me happy! I have always loved them! I think they are so pretty! I love the promise that comes along with them. Our God sure does make beautiful promises! :)

Had to share a picture of my rainbow colored wash cloths! 
Each time I fold these to put them away, I smile! They are such fun, bright colors!

Have a great Tuesday!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Lunch Date (WIWW)

(Yay! My first time linking up with The Pleated Poppy!)

For this What I Wore Wednesday, I have a picture from this past Friday! I met Joey at his work and we had a lunch date at a local deli. I had some yummy chicken salad. I love it when I can have lunch with my honey! :)

I have a weird face since I was using my phone!
And that white shirt fits looser than it looks. 

- White Top: JcPenny's
- Teal cami : Old Navy (when they had them for $2)
- Jeans: Levi's from Kohl's
- Gold sandals: Charolette Russe (last May)
- Bird Cage Necklace: Made by me! Charm from Etsy

Daisy was sporting something last week too!

The Cone of Shame!

Her nervous licking habit started again. I took it off so she could use her litter box. She was afraid of it while she had her cone on. We're hoping she'll stop messing with the spot on her own.

That's all! The rest of the week I wore comfy, house clothes (pj's). I had a job Thursday, but I forgot to take a picture!