Saturday, October 23, 2010

Going Silver!

Since I really don't feel like making a long blog post, but want to post something, you will get to see my birds and mirror I spray painted this summer! :)

I have talked about the birds before, just never showed you!

Bird 1:

- He came from Hobby Lobby clearance! 
Back when they had the awesome clearance this summer!
 He was less than $3, if not less than $2. I don't remember!
- It was ok in red, but I didn't like it too much!

- I like the silver SO much better! He fits into our decor better now!

Bird 2:
- See the clearance tag? That's my favorite way to shop!
- The black was ok, I had this great idea that I'd use up the rest of the yellow spray paint that I had. 
You know the kind I used here. After I did that. I realized it was UGLY!

- Bad photo. (That's our guest bathroom's light)
- It is painted silver, just like the birdy above :) I like it a lot!

Last I have a mirror to show you! Joey's aunt was getting rid of it last December, so I took it! Hey, it was free! :) So once I got it home I realized that the gold did not really go with anything we had. So I decided to spray paint it! The silver that I used for the birds is left over from this project!

- I taped off the mirror part
- Note to self: wait till better lighting to take photos!

- A close up of the detail. 

- Wow! I should have cleaned it before I took the picture! Oops!

- Overall I am happy with it! It fits into the color in our formal dining well.
The light fixtures/hardware in our house are brushed nickel. 

Here's where I put it:

Eventually that wall will have more on it. 
I would love to have a family photo wall with Joey's family and mine. 
My thoughts are photos and items in shadow boxes/on shelves. Not too sure!

I also got a cute wall vinyl this past summer from Kohl's. It says "Bless This Nest"! :D I love it! Plus it was on clearance for $8.99! The only thing is, I'm not too sure where I want it!  On the wall or on something like a canvas so I can move it easily? We'll see. 

Ok, I am tired! So off to bed I go! I hope you liked seeing some of my spray painted lovelies :)

Have a nice night!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Happy October!

Wow! It is already October!  I have been student teaching for almost 2 months! I switch to my 4th grade placement on the 18th! I will miss my little 1st grade babies!

Sorry my blog has fallen by the wayside lately! I've been busy! Our poor house suffers too! I am still trying to find the balance of school and housework, especially now since when I get home I'm tired!  So usually our house suffers until Saturday or Sunday when I clean. I'm going to make a household cleaning chart and assign different jobs to days, so that I will do a little work each day!

Oh, I found something I would love to do on my's called What I Wore Wednesday. You can see an example here. Each Wednesday other bloggers post what they worn each day the week before. The purpose of it is to inspire the blogger to be more creative with her clothing.
I said I would love to do this, but you poor readers would see the same stuff over and over. I a lot of weight this year(not pregnant weight...just happy marriage and not exercising weight), so my clothes are not fitting as I want, so I have my favorite fitting clothes. Plus you will see all my student teaching clothes! lol I need to put temporary buttons in my dress pants so I can wear them. Since I haven't yet, I've been wearing my Dockers (got on clearance at Kohl's for $14.46!), my dresses and skirts. We'll see, I would love to be inspired to be more creative with my clothes!

On my to-do list:
- Start walking during the evening (at least twice a week)
- Fix dress pants
- Get my black heels fixed (the paper on the sole came unglued)
- Find some I can wear my cute shorter dresses to school

The weather here is so nice right now! Today especially was a nice day! I woke up early (6 am) to go take my TExES Generalist test and it was chilly! I was excited, it actually feels like Fall! :D

As I just mentioned, I took my Generalist test today! I think it went well. I gave the outcome to God! If He wants me to pass, all glory goes to Him, if not then He will provide the $120 to retake it. The test took me about four hours, we had five! I came home, ate lunch and napped.

This evening we went to the Fort Bend County Fair! :) We don't ride the rides! Tonight we walked around, looked at the stuff, listened to the music, ate, and got a funnel cake! We had fun! The funnel cake people got smart this year. They put a truck at the entrance, so you don't even have to go into the fair! Of course, that's not as fun!

Ok, I am tired, so I'm going to bed! I hope to get some crafty stuff on here soon!

Have a beautiful weekend!