Monday, December 29, 2008

4 Days!

Hi Everyone!

I hope you had a great Christmas! I did all 6 of them! lol I had one w/ Joey's mom, my mom, my grandma, Joey's step family, Joey's dad side in Austin, then I will have one on the 1st with my dad!! :)

I had a nice Christmas! Got nice things and had fun with the people we were with :) My mom has already taken down the Christmas tree! She did that before we got back this past Sunday!!

I think I might buy a Wii...I know a random message, but after playing one twice with a few days of each other, I have realized how much I like playing it! Rachel (Joey's sister) got the Wii Fit for Christmas. It was so much fun to play!! Then when we went to Austin we played Wii Sports, that was fun too! It is great when you have people over! I don't know, I will think about it a lil more and wait for a while...dropping $250 right now is a lil crazy, so I think I'm going to wait for a while :)

So... we are 4 days away!!! I can't believe it! lol Tonight when Joey got off of work we went to go exchange his ring...yes his ring has already come in!! :D So he will have the real one for the ceremony!! :) That makes me really happy! Then we went to Men's Warehouse to get Joey some black pants, a white shirt and to find ties. We found some ties, but we had to go to Macy's to get Joey's tie. He is going to wear a dark purple tie while the others wear silver :)

We have picked out the songs for the rest of the ceremony :) I cried but that's not surprising :)
I have been packing and trying to move more stuff over to Joey's, but it is kinda hard since I haven't unpacked the other stuff I have already brought over! It will all get done in time though!

Well I haven't gotten nervous about the getting married part; the only thing that makes me nervous is the people...having to go around and talk to people afterwards. And the stuff getting done before is making me a lil nervous, other than that I am fine!
Honestly it still seems surreal! lol I know that must sound crazy, but that's how it is! I have my dress in my room and yet it still feels that way! I always wanted this and now it is here and it is so exciting and just so awesome! I think it might seem that way since I just don't have time to just think about it, I am always thinking about what needs to be done and such. But every-time I heard the song that I am going to walk to I cried...when we listened to the songs for the rest of the ceremony I cried! So when I do just stop I get very emotional! :) Just some random stuff about my feelings, since I am sure people wonder how the bride feels a few days before!

Well I'm sure this is a long post, so...
Have a great day!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Busy Bee

Hi Everyone! :)

Since my last post I have been a busy little bee! I have been cleaning and organizing Joey's apartment so I can move in more of my stuff! I finished putting up the gifts we have already received. I did make a cake, and frosted it and everything! :) Just because I felt like it! lol The organizing is a slow process and I find other things to do a lot instead of doing that, so it's taking a little longer.

Wedding Preparations:
(what we have completed since the last post)
- Bought wedding rings
Joey's is taking 2 months to come in since the store didn't have his size, so we just got a regular band for the ceremony and we will trade them when his comes in. We did that Sunday.
- Got our marriage license
That was really exciting! We got that today!
- I went to go get my dress
However, it was still too long and too big on the I am picking it up tomorrow at 1pm. I was disappointed that I didn't get to take it home this past Friday, but I do not want to trip over my dress either! When I tried it on I could see myself just eating the floor in front of everyone! lol
- Bought unity candle, candle holder, guest book, pen, hanky for me (since I know I will cry!), and  a garter.
We are not doing the throwing of the garter or bouquet. The last weddings we went to no one was excited about it and so I feel that it is silly to do so. So I am just wearing a garter just because...I guess to show it to my daughter one day...well it makes since to me :)
- Found the song for coming down the aisle
Joey found the was one that was used in a short film someone had made. It is really beautiful. Joey was awesome and edited it (it had words- not English- and was a lil long).  Every time he played it I started to cry! :) I would have an "emotional moment" as Jeff would call it :) lol (Just in case you do not know who Jeff is, he is our pastor and is doing the ceremony)

The only things we have left to do is groomsmen ties, get Joey some black pants, find a lace table runner for the unity candle table, and pick out the rest of the songs for the wedding.

It is crazy how close it is! I have been wanting this for so long and now it is here! It sometimes seems surreal, then I realize that this is real :D I am so happy and excited! We received our cruise info. We also looked at the day excursions to do on the cruise! It is going to be fun!

I know I talk a lot about the wedding and the details, but I figure it is interesting for others to read or read later, and I want to be able to look back and read everything that went on!

It is insane that Christmas is already here! It is this Thursday! I want to enjoy it, I do not want it to be like getting through it to the wedding! Sometimes I just need to slow down. I have already bought presents...I did that with the money I had from Carter's. It is not much this year, but I don't have a job and that is not the real meaning of Christmas anyways!

Well for all the hundreds of ppl that read my blog...
Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year! :D

I hope you have a great day!

Friday, December 12, 2008

The Semester is OVER!!

Hi :)
I had my last final on scariest one, an oral final! I am SOO happy that finals and this semester is over with! It was so hard to try and concentrate with the upcoming wedding and everything. I am just so happy that its over! I will never have to plan a wedding and do school at the same time ever again! lol

Here is the list of stuff I still need to do...just in case anyone cares :)

Wedding Update:
- go make sure the alterations are good Dec. 19th
- get marriage license!
- get wedding rings
- get unity candle
- try and finalize the count of ppl, but most haven't RSVPed yet
- move in in the 2 weeks I have!
- pick out songs for the ceremony
- check on flower status
- check on bridesmaids dress status
-remind Joey to get gifts for the groomsmen
- etc.

I know there are prob. more things to do, I just can't remember right now :) Joey's mom was great and checked into the rehearsal dinner stuff for me and she is going to send out invitations, which I am so happy that she took that on herself!

Sadly we weren't able to do engagement pictures, but we will have ones from the wedding, and when we go and visit married ppl's houses that is all the pictures they have up of the both of them. So it won't be that big of a deal.

It is getting closer and closer! Which is exciting but I feel like there is a lot of little details to work out. But I know everything will be worked out :) The count for the wedding is about 82 right now. I thought I would include that, so when I am reading this later it would amuse me lol

Well not much else is going on. I cleaned and organized Joey's apartment a little today...getting it ready for all my stuff lol I really don't mind cleaning. Which I know years later I will see that statement and think something was wrong with me lol

Well that is all right now :) Have a great day!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Winding down!

Hi Everybody! lol I am so excited because school is starting to wind down! I have these 3 days this week, then a crazy full week...then finals! Then FREEDOM! Well at least for a month :D I still have a lot of work to do, but I'm at the point where I am tired all the time! So this Thanksgiving break is much needed! Although I still have to be doing homework during the "break". I am trying to start projects ahead of time that are due next week, but then the classes I'm going to this week give me more homework due Wed. So it is an interesting time :) I figure my getting married and the honeymoon will be the reward for all the work this semester!
Since my last post:
- The wedding cake lady that I mentioned in my last post canceled on us.
- We went and test tasted the food for the reception meal.
- My mom and I went and taste tested cake, from a different place.
- The invitations are getting mailed out :)
- Went to get fitted for alterations

So the story with the 1st cake ppl. My mom said that they called and informed her that they has too many weddings that day and that they would not be able to do ours...then they said that they would be closed until the 5th. I was disappointed, but we found another place to do it. The other place seems to do good cakes. I didn't like the fact that they gave my mom and I like an inch of cake for the both of us to sample! I guess I was hoping for a lot of cake eating! lol I looked at the pictures of the cakes they have done before and I found a cake that I liked. I never knew how expensive wedding cakes are!!! It is crazy! But the cake I picked out is a "reasonable" price ( I still think it's expensive) and the cake will be really pretty!

Here is the picture of the tiny samples, the rough drawing the lady did and the picture of one that has already been made:

This is what the cake will look like except the details will be in a dark purple(one of my colors) that way the all white love birds will stand out on top of the cake :) The piping in between the layers will remain white as the rest of the cake :)

I went and got my dressed altered. It will be ready Dec. 19th :) There were so many pins in the bottom...the lady looked at me and went "too long...way too long" lol I had I think my first dream about something being wrong with the dress. I figured the dreams would start coming soon...the whole walking down the aisle naked dream will soon intow! lol

Oh we went and taste tested the food for the reception...that was fun! We got enough food to try to take home left overs! YAY! We decided on the Chicken Parmesan :) I am going to go talk to him tomorrow to tell him!
We still haven't taken our engagement pictures, but I think we are going to do that Dec. 6th. I think that is all the wedding stuff we have done since the last post! I've been trying to wash and put up the gifts that we recieved. That way when I do move in, they are all there for me to use :)

Well I am sure this post is really long! I just have a lot to talk about :)
Have a great day!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


My wedding dress came in yesterday!!! :D I am so excited! I have an appointment Friday for alterations! :D Oh and Wednesday is cake tasting :) Yummy! Yay Free cake! lol

Wrath of the Lich King also comes out Thursday!! :D I'm really excited about that. I just wish I had more time to play...this semester is almost over with so I will! YAY!

Just thought I would let everyone know about all the excitement! :)

Have a great day!

P.S. My love bird cake topper came in last week or the week before! It looks so pretty!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Wedding Shower and Yao moving

I had the big wedding shower yesterday! Family, friends, and family friends was a lot of fun! I smiled so much my face hurt! lol It was the shower I have previously talked about that was hosted by Peggy, Patty, Jeanne, Debbie, Nita, Megan, and Bethany! :) It was just a ladies, but Joey and some of the guys came over afterward to eat some cake. We got so much stuff that it took up all of Joey's SUV!! For those of you that weren't there, we got our bathroom taken care of; we got our dishes, and a lot of cookware :D I'm excited about using it! We got a lot of nice things! Oh and the hotesses did such a great job incorporating our colors into the shower...they even got a purple(ish) beta fish for a center piece!! So we now have a fishy :D

Yao has offically moved over to Joey's now. I took him over to have a play-date with Daisy and realized that it would just be better for him to stay instead of traumatizing him by moving him back and forth! It's also nice because Daisy and Yao are already getting used to each other. It takes a few days, but this way they will be so used to each other by the time we get married! Another good thing is Daisy's random feet attacking has stopped! She just now randomly attacks Yao! lol It's funny to watch them!

The wedding day is getting near and I'm just getting more and more excited!! The invitations came in this past week, so we will need to be sending them out soon! School is getting crazier, but I knew it would. I don't know why but it always seems that the teachers wait until the last part of the semster to have everything due! ACK! But I only have about 4 weeks left! Then an awesome whole month off! :)

Well that is all! Have a great day!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Hooray for daylight savings time!

I am so grateful for Daylight Savings Time and gaining an hour of sleep! I thought daylight savings was last weekend though, I woke up and my cell phone had already changed, and somehow my alarm clock got an hour ahead! I didn't figure out what happened until I got to work...Daylight Savings was moved!! I thought that was a weird statement.

I went to go see my dad yesterday, I talked to Cat about the flowers and the decorations. It was exciting, I like talking about the wedding, so being able to talk about it so much was nice :) I haven't been there in a while bc of work, so it was really nice to see them!! :) They have some more cute kitties, which made me want one, but I figured Yao would not like to be ganged up on by the 2 younger kitties......well actaully it would have just been too many cats for the space :)

We have received more presents in the mail :) And I just got word from the seller on Ebay and my love bird cake topper is going to be coming in this Tuesday :D I was starting to worry about it! I am getting very excited about the shower coming up this Saturday! :) Cat (my step-mom), Ms. Paula, Kim (both Cat's sisters), Nana (their mom), and Jessi (my step-sister) are all coming!! :D Nana is coming all the way from central Texas to come to the shower!!! So that really makes me happy to hear that they are coming! :D

Well that's all the random things that are going on w/ me! Have a great day!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Wedding Preparations and things

Hey guys!

Well this week has been a very long week! Well this past weekend I worked every single day, and I had a project due this past Tues. Well I wasn't able to start on it guessed it....Monday! I worked 12 hours on the project, I only took short breaks, and one hour long break to eat dinner and watch Heroes :) So that made the week soo much longer!
This past Saturday I put in my 2 weeks notice at work. It is sad that I have to leave, but it is just WAY too much with trying to go to school full-time, trying to plan a wedding and work. Which I usually only worked the weekends, which is when I would get the planning done. So my last day is the Saturday of the shower (Nov. 8th) My last day that I am scheduled is that Friday before. I work tomorrow and next Friday and that is it! I would have worked there 2 years this March!
Anyways. Joey and I started recieving gifts in the mail!! :D Which is VERY exciting for me since I love getting mail, and I love it is doubly awesome lol The presents were from my mom's friend in Corpus. She has been friends w/ my mom since I was in daycare. Her daughter and I went to daycare together and grew up as friends. The daughter, Jennifer, also sent us a present in the mail :) Which it says that something else is being sent separtely :) Oh from Karen (my mom's friend) we got our vacuum and our comforter :) And from Jennifer we got the pretty silver sheets we signed up for :) I am so excited about my shower coming up! I think they sent the presents bc they might not be able to come!
I talked to my brothers today, Justin and Matt, it was nice to hear from them. They live in I haven't seen them in about 5 yrs. They are thinking about coming to the wedding, which makes me really happy :D I got to hear the newest addition to Justin and Christie ( not sure how she spells it :) ) family....he babbled a little, and I got to hear my niece say Hi :) They sound so cute! I am excited for Joey to meet them. I do have 1 more brother, R.D. or Richard :) I hope he will be able to make it too!
Wow this is a long post... I'm gonna go play WoW or something :) Have a great day!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

My busy week

Well as most of you know that I had a pretty crazy time this week (referring to last post). I am so happy that today is over and I feel so relieved. My test in Curriculum and Instruction was not that hard :) My project for Language and Cognitive Dvlp. (of Young Children) was not that was just time consuming. I gave my presentation tonight and it went well. I of course forgot somethings to say, but that is normal :) The only thing I really have to do now is a a project making a yearly lesson plan. I have the Fall semester and my partner has the Spring semester.

The honeymoon stuff is coming along awesomely :) Joey found out that we don't really have to get a passport for the cruise! YAY! I was so worried that we wouldn't get our passport in time for the cruise. I have talked to 2 different people, one it took forver to get her passport, the other just took a few weeks! Anyways the only reason we would need one is we were to fly back to the US for some reason. Passports are not required for cruises until Summer 09 :D Joey just informed me that he just paid for our cruise today :D We are to have a room with a balcony!! I am so excited! I have never been out of the country or on a cruise, so this will be an awesome exprience! :)

Another part of good project I had in one class got pushed back from the Thursday before the shower to the Thursday after :) So I won't be stressed when I go to the shower. This shower is thrown by Patty, Peggy, Jeanne, Nita and Debbie. A bunch of people lol! Patty, Peggy, and Jeanne are from Joey's family...just in case you don't know and Debbie and Nita are good friends with my mom. Debbie has known my mom before I was even thought of :) It will be fun!

I realized that all my posts on here are long, Im sorry I just have a lot to whoever reads these things :) Well have a great day! :)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

So much going on!

Hey guys!

One day someone will read all these and think I am crazy for basically posting to myself! lol Oh man I have so much going on this week! It all started going crazy yesterday. Yesterday I was supposed to meet a partner for a project that we are doing in one of my classes. We were supposed to meet around 4 I thought...long story short she never showed. I finally get a hold of her, and she tells me that she won't even be in class this week. So the project that is due Thursday...this Thursday I will have to do by myself!! This is quite a time consuming project! Then I have a test on Thursday also. Then I find out today that our project in another class, where we have to make a lesson plan for a whole year, is due this coming Tuesday!! ACK And this whole weekend I have to work! Everything is coming due it seems like! So today when I left school I was so majorly stressed out. I met Joey for lunch and he was so awesome that he calmed me down and helped me realize that there is nothing worth stressing over :) He is so awesome and I am so excited that I am going to be his wife!! Less than 3 months away! YAY!!

I had a ton of fun at my shower that Brittany threw me! :) And invitations are already sent out for the one that Joey's family organized for me! :) I am hoping by then school will be calm down just a lil! Even though the semester is coming to a close, and things will probably only get crazier! But the good thing is that almost all the major things are taken care of for the wedding! :D

Joey and I decided to not send pictures in the invitations, thank goodness bc we would have already had to take the photos or get them rushed (which right now I would hate to take them bc I have bad allergies and my nose is all red!) So that is such a big relief, we can just order the invitations and get them mailed! We just have to go taste-test the food and get the invitations ordered this month sometimes. The pictures can come a little later :)

Off to studying!

Friday, October 17, 2008


Hi everyone!

Even though I don't think anyone even reads this yet :) I am so excited about tomorrow! Tomorrow my best friend and Maid of Honor, Brittany (Meyer) is throwing me a shower!! :D It is a shower just for my friends, since I'm not having a bachelorette party I thought it would be fun to have a shower with just my friends :) I am so excited to have all my friends be all together! I might post some pictures later. It's kinda like a birthday party, but your friends are more willing to come b/c it's not like you get married every year! lol And the fact that I don't even have birthday parties, makes the occasion when all my friends come together even more special!

Today was a good day. I got to go shopping. Finally got my watch has been about 3 weeks since the battery died!! Went to go see Joey at work :) Went to the bank. Then came over to Joey's apartment. I am going to organize a lil closet he has in his dining/living room. It's going to be the technology closet :) That way all his cables and such will be organized for him! And plus Daisy won't be able to jump from her lil tower- play thing, to the table, on the plastic drawers( which is going to be in the technology closet), on the counter, and onto the kitchen counter! Well by the time I get the drawers out of there she can probally jump from the table to the counter. I think Daisy is entering into her jumping onto high places phase! That should be interesting! lol

I forgot to mention that Joey also has 2 turtles. Tardy and Nibbler...Tardy from Greg the Bunny and Nibbler from Futurama. Both boys. They are so entertaining!! Nibbler will be sleeping peacfully and Tardy will swim by and kick him in the face! They both like the corner facing the TV. I don't know if they are trying to watch TV with us, or if they are attracted to the light. But they both fight over the corner.

When Joey and I get married there is going to be 2 cats (Daisy and Yao), 2 turtles (Tardy and Nibbler) and 2 hermit crabs (Penny and Sheldon) in our house! lol It's going to be interesting! But I don't mind!!

Well I better get to organizing! Have a great day!


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ebay experience

Earlier today I told you how I was bidding on the love bird wedding cake topper. Well about a few minutes before the auction was about to close (I was winning it previously) the other bidder decided to bid. And not just a little bit over, but $5 over the bid I placed.

So I just decided to give up. Well about 10 minutes after it had ended, I was checking my email and I got an email from Ebay telling me the seller was giving me a second chance!! :) I guess they saw me bid on the same item a while back that they had (they have like 50 of these toppers) so they decided to give it to me for the last bid I bidded trying to win it from the other person :) So I just paid for it and it will be here soon!! YAY! I am so excited! I thought it was a cute and different wedding cake topper!

You can see a picture of them on my later blog: (I love this picture!)

Well have a good night!


So as of right now Joey and I are less than 3 months away from getting married! :D I am so so excited!! We still have to taste-test the food, order the invitations, and take engagement pictures, but they will all get done :) The legs for the bedroom furniture Joey's parents bought for us finally came in. So the bed actually has a frame, so Joey doesn't have to sleep on the box springs and mattress on the floor lol

Today was a nice day! Class got out early for spiritual emphasis week, so Joey and I ate lunch together..BBQ it was nice! There were 2 (or 3) really cute kitties that hang out around there. I would love to take one, but Daisy or Yao wouldn't like that (depending on where I took it!) Daisy= Joey's kitten. Yao= my big kitty :D I went to Petsmart and got Yao and Daisy a feather stick...a stick that has a feather on the end...they like them. Poor Yao his feather stick has been MIA for some time now! lol It was adoption day at Petsmart and there was a cute lil white fluffy puppy!

I am not sure yet what I want this blog to be about...either something for our family to read before and after we get married, or Joey will create one too and each of our families can read... I thought it would be a cool idea :)

Back to wedding stuff (sorry my brain jumps around...ADD) For about 2 months now I have been trying to bid on these love birds cake topper for either on top of the wedding cake or somewhere at the wedding :) Anyways each time I bid for it I get out bid!! The first time, I was new to Ebay and was not sure how it worked, so I just bid like a lil over the bid that was already there, well Joey taught me what to do. :) The next time I made a high bid at $15.00, the bidding usually starts at $9.99 for the birds. So I was winning it until 5am the morning before the bidding was about to close. GRR I was determined that I was not going to pay over $15 for it, but as of right now I bidded on another one at $18. The item is getting sold by the same ppl, some wedding supplies company, so it keeps getting reenlisted...hopefully I will get one!! I am hoping I will win it on the auction that ends today! So far that has been my adventure with Ebay, sorry if the story was boring, I thought it was a lil entertaining :)

----Gaming Info Incoming----
Today is the day that the huge patch comes out on World of Warcraft for Wrath of the Lich King!! :D Everything is being introduced excpet Northrend, some class changes, and something else I can not seem to remember :) WotLK comes out November 13th...I'm sure whoever reads this and is interested already knows that! I am so so excited, reading the history makes the game so much more fun! So I recomind doing that! Even just reading the part about Arthas is interesting! There are many videos about him.
Here are some really awesome movies on the expansion about to come out though:
and then

Well I hope whoever is reading this has a great day! :D