Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Funny :)

Since the peak of craziness is happening within the next few days, I thought everyone could use a laugh!

I think this is so funny and cute! Enjoy!
Have a Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Target Deals

So on one of these deals, I lost my receipt. On the other one, I didn't take a picture!!

Ah! Things were crazy and apparently I lost my head!

Again, I didn't go crazy shopping this month, these trips were spread out.

- 2 Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate - . 44
( I tried to use 2 $1 off Target coupons, but the lady wouldn't let me, but still a great deal! It was cheaper than getting 1!)
- Dove -$3.99- sale
-Reach floss- .97
-2 Cat Treats - $1 each sale

-$1 off Swiss Miss Target coupon
- .50 off 2 Swiss Miss
- $1 off Dove
-$1 Reach
-$2 off Purina cat treats

Total paid: $3.43!

-2 cat treats
-1 Swiss Miss
- 1 Reach floss

The other trip to Target has no picture :(

Here is what I got:
-2 Trident Layers gum ($1.29 each)
-1 Clean and Clear face wash (on sale for $3.41)
-2 Purina cat treats(on sale $1 each)

- 1 $.75 off of Trident gum
- 1 B1G1 Free Trident
- $2 off Clean and Clear
-1 $1 off Cat treats Target coupon
-1 $1 manufacture coupon for cat treats

Total paid: $2.06

- 2 cat treats
- 1 Trident gum

Usually with these trips I use my survey money. I do surveys online and I get paid to take them! One site I use pays $3 each survey, not a lot, but each of these trips were either around $3 or under! Total I have made about $20!! Another survey website I use pays in points, each survey is around 20 points, which is $2.00. After you earn $5 there, you can request a check or get an Amazon gift card. Total there I have made $16. 20!! YAY! :D

The first site is:
This one has a lot of surveys you actually qualify for, since they ask you a lot of questions when you sign up. They email you when there is a survey you qualify for. I am not sure if there are any more spots, but it's worth checking out! They are legit too, I have received checks in the mail and have cashed them...they work :)

The second site is:
This one you get notifications for, but it is harder to complete. You do fill out a questionare, but it is not as specific questions than the survey people above. However, they will send you an email when they have a survey open. If you qualify for it (it will let you know) then you will get however many points they said it was worth in the email. They have ranged for me from 15 pts to 40 pts. I didn't qualify for the 40 pts though! :)

The only thing needed for doing surveys is time. One survey I took seemed to take forever, but I did get paid for it! Some are longer than others, but in the email, they will say the time it should take. If you have time, this is a great way to get some extra money! I usually do my surveys either when Joey and I are watching tv or during the day when Joey is at work. Just check and see how long it will take and then decide if you want to participate or not! I really like doing these surveys since I usually use that money to go and get deals, like you see above! The $16.20 check I am going to use to buy some stuff I have been eyeing on Etsy.

Oh! I wanted to let you readers know about this site too:
A friend told me about this! You find your city (like our Richmond/Rosenberg area is in there). Once you do that you can search for stuff that people are giving away for FREE!! Mandi, my friend, said there is a lot of baby stuff, but the other day her husband had a chance to get a golf cart that was fully functional! The only thing is it is first come, first serve! That and you have to go pick it up. But FREE stuff! Mandi said you can post to the message board saying you are looking for certain things and you will receive emails from others. How awesome is that! :D Only thing is girls, I would VERY HIGHLY recommend taking a man with you to pick up stuff! Do NOT go by yourself!! Just be careful and wise to pick up some free stuff! :)

Man I had a lot to post about today!!

Hope that helps ya'll out!

Keep warm!

Kohl's, JcPenny, and Target!

The only reason I went to Kohl's and JcPenny was I recieved a $10 off of $10 or more for Penny's. And I had $5 store credit for Kohl's. I then went to Target, to see what good deals I could get!

Here is all I got:

- placemat ($7.99)
- rug($19.99)

The placemat was on sale for .79, and the rug for $3.99
I used the $5 credit and only paid .17 out of pocket!!!

- Soap pump
- gift (not pictured)

The soap pump was on sale for $6.99 from $11.99
The gift was a good deal too :)
Total (after $10 off): $2.12

- Hot chocolate(on sale for .97)
- Gillette shaving gel (on clearance for $1.68)
Total paid: .68!
- I had a $1 off Target coupon for the hot chocolate, so it was FREE! Then I had a $1 off of Gillette shaving gel. Even though that is not the kind I like Joey using, his smells good (this is not scented), I figured I will use it, since I am running out of shaving gel.

The GRAND total of that day was: $2.97!! For 6 items!

I went to Sonic that day, and the total there was about $4 more than the total of those shopping trips! lol

Hope you enjoy! Keep a look out for the JcPenny's mail out! That was the 2nd one I have gotten! I have seen Old Navy had one for the same deal. I saw a blog post where the lady had just under $10 and she got everything for free!

So the deal is, go and try to get things that would just put you over $10! Of course, sometimes you may need things and the $10 off the total would be great. I totally understand that! Whatever your situation allows, the $10 off is still a great deal!

So keep your eyes open for those mail outs! Make sure it is not $10 off a certain amount, unless you plan to buy more :)


As I have mentioned in a previous post. IT SNOWED!! :D

The snow actually stuck too!!

Here are some pictures from that day! :)

Burney watching the snow fall, he actually tried to attack it :) It was so cute!

Our house all covered with snow!

My snowman!

Joey's snow blob :)

I was SO excited that day!! Not only did it snow, but Joey got off of work early!! :D Such a sweet man! He was home when I got home, he had a fire going and on his way home he bought hot chocolate! :) I was SOO happy that he was able to come home early!

Kroger Savings!

Alright, it has been a while since I had time to blog, so I am gonna be catching up today :)

Even though this was about a week ago or so, I want to share :)

Here it goes!!

I am really starting to LOVE Kroger's 10 for $10

Here I went and got 22 items

Everything you see here was the 10 for $10, except for the honey and the yogurt.

I was doing the 20 for $20 basically :)

The normal total of all this would have been (without the $1 sale and w/o coupons): $34.14

Instead I paid: $18. 79!! :D

Total saved was: $15. 38

I had coupons for:
The Knorr Rice Sides
Hunt's Tomato stuff
Pillsbury Cresant Rolls
Progresso Soup
The only thing that was kinda "ACK" about this was the yogurt. It was on "Manager's Special" for $1.25. I had a $1 off coupon, so it was supposed to be .25! Instead the girl rang it up full price, I went in to get it price adjusted, she didn't apply my coupon. But that's ok, live and learn :)

Another Kroger Trip:

Once our new awesome Kroger Marketplace opened, they had a 50% off all Kellogg stuff! I had coupons so I ran to the store that Friday morning, the day where it was snowing! I'm crazy, I know! I couldn't pass up the deals though! Plus it was crowded since it just opened. But the trip was way worth it!!

The normal price of all of this would have been: $27. 32

I paid (with coupons and sale price): $8. 15!!

I had 2 -$1.50 off of 2 Keebler cookies, $1.50 off of 2 Club Crackers, and $1 off of 3 Fruit Loops.
I those darn Club crackers are normally $4.19 a box!!! How crazy! So I had to get some of those!

I also went to Kroger another time and got 3 different Manager's Specials on meat!! :)

That is one suggestion that I give you readers, look for the Manager's Specials spot in Kroger. I am sure other stores have them, I know Target puts their clearance stuff on the endcaps near the ziploc bags and that stuff in the Target in Rosenberg.

At Kroger (the old one) I found 2 things of ground turkey (it tastes almost the same as hamburger meat, I will use it in dishes where you can't tell) for $1.79 each!! That was cheaper than the tube of hamburger meat, so I snatched those up! I also found some lunch meat for $1.39 which is normally about $3. Those items were there just because they were a few days for needed to be "frozen or eaten". I froze my stuff.

I was excited to find the Manager's Specials place in the new Kroger. I was happy to see that they had quite a bit in there! I was afraid since it was a new store, they wouldn't have much. Nope, they do! :) So if you shop there regularly go check out that spot!

I told you it's been a while, I really don't go to Kroger like every other day! I promise! lol

I have more posts coming!

Have a great day! :)

Sunday, December 6, 2009


So Joey and I took 3 of our youth and Rachel(Joey's sister) to see Skillet. It has been a few weeks, but I am still in that "Oh my gosh, that concert was SO awesome!" set of mind! :D

The concert included The Letter Black, Decyfer Down, Hawk Nelson, and Skillet! KSBJ put on this concert. This was the best concert I have ever been to! (Even though I have been to a Third Day concert and enjoyed it, this one was more rockin' lol)

We arrived just a lil too late for The Letter Black (but here is one of their music videos). They didn't play very long I heard. I wish I would have seen them, but it's ok :) They are kinda like Flyleaf. The lead singer is female and she has tattoo sleeves. I think that's cool, but that's just me!

Decyfer Down was the first band we saw. They were pretty good. They are pretty hard-core scream type. A Christian scream-o band! Christian music has come such a long way! Now there are many different styles, instead of all Michael W. Smith type stuff. (He's not a bad man, he just doesn't have the type of music I like!)

Next was Hawk Nelson. They were the odd ball. I loved seeing them though since I knew almost all the songs they played. They are kinda like Relient K. I'm sure most people that came to just see Decyfer Down and Skillet were really hating it. They probably took a bathroom break. There were some people rocking out though, and I was one of them! :D

Then last of all was SKILLET!! We went to see them. They were AMAZING!! One of the songs I love, "Comatose", they played!! The beginning of "Comatose" starts out with a violin and a cello. I really like it when rock bands use violins! (Red is another band that uses violins and piano in their songs.) I think it sounds very unique and awesome.

Needless to say, Rachel was looking at me as if I had two heads when Skillet was playing because I was having a BLAST and rocking out! :) Skillet has some awesome stage effects! It's not in place of their music, as if their music is crappy, no it adds to it! A lot of it was just for the "WOAH!" effect! :) They had fire, fireworks, and cool platforms that moved up and down (later in their songs, that's were the violist and cellist was).

The 3 youth that we took had a great time! And I am ready to go back to a Skillet concert. I don't even care if they play the exact same set and say the exact same things! It was that good!

Alright picture time! I took a lot of video, so if you are a friend of mine on Facebook, you can see my videos. I'll try to upload them on here :)

Decyfer Down

Hawk Nelson

When they revealed this banner, everyone started cheering!!

Us waiting for Skillet!


The violist is on the left and the cellist is on the right!
I think that would be the coolest violist job ever!

Time for videos!

Sorry about the blurriness and shakiness in advance. My camera was on overload with the lights and movement. And apparently I had can't hold a camera steady.

This is how Skillet opened!

"Whispers In the Dark"
See the fire! :D We could feel it from where we were! And the mother duck side of me was worried about the two guitarists that were right next to it!

Off of Skillet's new album/CD "Hero"
- The female singing in this song is also the drummer. She played the drums and sung. Plus she is younger than me! I think that is super cool!

This is the beginning of the song. I got to record most of it :) You can hear me in the background, I was very excited that they played this song!

Alright, now that I figured out how to upload videos on here, I'm going to go back and add videos to my older posts. So if you are interested they are there :)

Have a lovely night!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

What a Crazy Few Weeks!!

ACK! Sorry I haven't been posting much lately! I have been REALLY busy!

The week I had  major projects due Monday and Tuesday, that Sunday right before then(before Thanksgiving), my grandpa(mom's dad) passed away. So I emailed my teacher that I had class for on Tues, and told her about it. God is awesome! She allowed me to turn it in the following Tuesday. His funeral was on Tuesday, we drove down that morning and came back that night. Wednesday we had dinner at my grandma's (mom's mom) house. Then Thursday was Thanksgiving at Joey's stepfamily. Friday we went to Galveston and we stayed until Saturday.  Whew! It was a little crazy, but it was done. I was so worried about my projects and getting them done, but again God knew what He was doing (as He always does) and I was able to get everything I needed done.

My grandpa passed away almost the same time we went to bed from getting home from the Skillet Concert. (I will make a separate post w/ pics about that)

Then this week has been crazy since things were all needed to be turned in before finals this next week. Then Friday, yesterday, a little Texas miracle happened! IT SNOWED!! I don't mean the wimpy snow where it just melts when it hits the ground (even though it started out that way). I mean the type of snow that sticks and covers stuff!! I made a tiny snowman, which is in our freezer right this minute, and Joey made a snowman blob. :) Friday was a GREAT day! I was driving home wishing Joey was home, and I opened the garage....there was his car!! :D He came home at lunch and worked from home! I was SOO happy! He even built a fire and bought hot chocolate on his way home! What an awesome man! :)

Today was a sad day though, I'm sorry I don't mean to be a downer, but it happened. Joey's grandma passed away this morning. I loved that woman! I only knew her for almost 7 years, but I know she was a great lady! Even when she was in the hospital with major problems she would joke around and smile at us. I loved her sense of humor! She is the type of old lady I want to be in that sense. She was very sweet and a strong woman. She reminds me of my great grandma in that way :) She will be missed. However she can now see just fine and hear perfectly. She can even dance if she wanted to!

God is Great! I don't mean that to be cheesy. He really is amazing! We may not understand why He does the things He does in that moment, but sometimes you can look back and see why that had to happen in your life! If not, there is always a reason, He does not hate you. He loves you more than you can ever know. There is a reason behind what happens. Just remember that!

Have a great night!