Saturday, February 27, 2010

My Great Target Deals!

So Thursday morning I went to Target, I had to pick up some medicine and I wanted to check out Target's bulk items. Target put all their bulk items on clearance for a while now and I wanted to wait to get a super good deal!

And I did!

Here's the loot:

I was SUPER excited to find the toothpaste!!

Here is what I got:

Herbal Essence big shampoo and conditioner ($8.99 clearanced $4.48) -  paid $3.48
           (GREAT price! Normally one smaller bottle is around that price!)

Crest Toothpaste 4.4 oz (5.99 clearanced 2.98)- paid $ .98!!!
         - I had a $1 off coupon as well as a $1 Target coupon

Big box of oatmeal- 30 packets (6.99 clearanced $3.48)- paid $2.48

Fur Fighter (3.99 sale)- FREE! (My second one free!!)
             - Handy Tip, after you use your little pad to get hair, wash it and you can reuse it instead of trashing   

Herbal Essence Styler ($2.99)- FREE!
              - Had the B1 shampoo or conditioner get a styler free! I put this coupon first in the stack in front of the $1 off Herbal Essence coupon used , not intentionally it just happened. So the Herbal Essence shampoo and conditioner coupon beeped, but the cashier pushed it through! :)

Pictureka Card Game ($5. 24)- paid .24!!
            - I wish I had printed more of those coupons. I left the Sorry coupon near the item, since I would have had to pay almost $2 for it still...even though that was a good price instead of $6. These would be great gifts! Oh well! :) I'm happy my Target finally got more on the shelves and I got one!

Excedrin ($3.99) - FREE!
           - Had a coupon for a free bottle up to $5.99. All I could find that was under was that was a 24 count. was free!

If I would have bought everything at full price I would have paid : $47.99

Instead I paid out of pocket: $13.93!!!

I saved $34.06!

Yay!! I was so so excited that I was able to get those bulk items for so cheap and then get three free things on top of that! What a blessing!

Have a sunny day everyone! :D

Monday, February 22, 2010

Mail Freebies!

Yay!! All the freebies I sign up for online are starting to come in the mail! :D I LOVE getting mail and I LOVE free stuff. So this is Super exciting for me! hehe

Here is what I got 2 weeks ago:
- Dove coupons
- 3 Free Atkins bars (I am not going on a diet, I just figured free food!)
- Booklet of coupons from ConAgra foods (they make like Banquet frozen meals and such)
- Sample of Head and Shoulders
- Tampax samples ( there are always feminine hygiene samples) + coupon

I got this stuff last week: 
- Kotex samples- included 4 things + coupon!
- Caress body wash sample + coupon
- Carefree sample + coupon
- I included my magazine which I signed up for a year subscription for only $5 back in December!

Not included in the picture I got more samples from Kotex 4 were included along with a coupon!

I told you feminine hygiene products are very common in samples/freebies!

So far this week! I just got this today!
- Coupon for FREE Excedrin
- Free Uniball pen + coupon
(it's supposed to be a fancy ink one where it won't be washed away, to help against identity theft)

I think this is going to be a nice week for samples/freebies! At least I hope so! 

Still to come (some of my favorites...if I get them!):
- Free Glade Sense and Spray air freshener
- Free pizza cutter
- Free aromatherapy candle
- Sample of Burt's Bee's toothpaste
- Free bottle of Generation Seven All Purpose Cleaner (not sure if this deal will turn out...but I have already gotten 1 bottle free from Recycle Bank.
            o We do not have a recycling service here...but Recycle Bank gives points every once and while once          you sign up...and then you use those points to get things. I got a coupon for a free bottle of the Generation Seven cleaner ( I posted about it here)
- Purex 3-in-1 laundry care sample
- Gooseberry Patch Breakfast and Brutch Recipe Booklet ( I have one of Gooseberry's cookbooks, they are cute!)

There are more, but those are just some of my favorites!

The only thing about getting freebies in the mail is you have to have patience. It takes a while!

For freebies you can check out:

Have a lovely day! :D

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Rosie Bratton

I have previously posted a post about our friend Rosa Bratton. There has been a website made where you can read her story, read updates on how she is doing, donate money to help out Tony and Rosa and can leave messages to show your support.

Here's the website:

Thank you for all the prayers and keep praying for God to heal her body! Pray for Tony, her mom and dad, and for little Emily!

Thursday, February 11, 2010


I am so blessed to be married into such great families! This past Saturday Joey and I went to G-ma's. His aunts and his step-dad have been going through her things. G-ma has so many neat things! She lived in her house for, I think I heard, 50 years! So there was a lot of things, many of which are really old and really neat!

I have never done the whole going through a loved ones things to see who wants/gets it thing. Joey's family was so good about it!

There were things that no one else wanted so we got them! I am talking about this:
G-ma's beautiful table, that has 2 leafs and 8 chairs!

And this:

Her hutch! 
(Don't mind the stuff on the floor next to it, I guess I should have move those before taking a picture!)

Both of these are in such good condition! What a blessing! I've been thinking we needed a table, so we could have more people over, and I have been thinking about a buffet or hutch to hold decorations and storage for some of my dishes!

 We also received this clock, it was hanging in her dinning room too! It is a really nice one, which dings and you have to wind.

 This was a recipe card holder! Joey's aunt found it and asked if I wanted it. I thought it was too cute, so of course I said yes!

No one wanted G-ma's china. Which I thought was beautiful! So they gave it to me! :) It has a beautiful sliver ring around the edge of the dishes. I love the silver, I'm not too fond of the gold ringed china. I love the leaf design. It is simple and timeless!  So this china is housed in the hutch as it has been for years!

These I wanted since I have seen one very similar being sold on Etsy. I was told that the red one was probably in G-ma's mom's house!! I thought these were really unique and pretty! They had already gone through the room these were in and these were just sitting lonely on the shelf, so now they have a nice home!

G-ma painted! I never knew that! 
Joey liked the geese, and the two ocean themed ones, and I liked the fall one. The fall one is now hung over our sofa, and the boat ones are in our bathroom. I am still thinking for the best place to hang the geese picture.

Assorted kitchen stuff. Some of this stuff is for decorations, some of which we will use. 
I have already put up the decorations, and they look really cute!

The percolator and the old muffin tin

The old little skillet with my rusty teapot.
The old cookbook with the decorative BBQ sauce pot.

I am honored that Joey's family let me have these things. Especially the table, hutch and china! It might sound silly, but like I said earlier this is a new, kinda strange thing for me. We are such a blessed couple! I am hoping that now that we have more room for people to eat/hang out, that we can bless others through that. I know Joey's family is looking forward to a meal at our house :)

Waiting pays off!

About 2 weeks ago,  I was in Walgreens walking around and looking for deals, well I spotted this one, but I didn't have a coupon. Glade usually has a $3 off of 2 coupon for these candles. So I waited. 

The candles were on reduction for $1.59!! Which why I waited was because the coupon they would be very cheap! I then found the $3 off of 2 coupon online! I decided if God wanted me to get these, there would be some left. I went to Walgreens, there were exactly 4 candles left! :D Well I used 2 of those coupons, that made it 2 candles for .18!

So for all 4 of these I paid .36!!! YAY! These candles were normally 5.99 each!!! I paid .09 each! YAY!

These will be used for gifts! I have bought 2 more of these candles previously to this (from other stores) which one I paid $1.99 for. I thought that was a good deal, who would have thought I would get these for .09 each!
Yao was very interested in what I got! Silly cat!

Thank you Kroger!

Woohoo! I love Kroger's Buy 10 participating items and get $5 off! I went to Kroger twice (because I forgot some coupons for the 10- $5 deal) and I did the deal 3 times! :D

Here is all my loot:

You can't possibly see everything in the picture so here are close-up views! 

Carrots were .99
Razors FREE!

Cookies (normally 3.17) were 1.69 each! Joey loves those cookies, so I got 3 packs.
Water 2.99!
Goldfish (2) were .13 each!!
Chewy Bars were .94

(There is another chicken package under that one)
The chicken were .99 a pound so I paid around $3 for each one I got. I bought one that is lemon pepper seasoned, and one that is bbq seasoned. 

French's Mustard= .19 each!!
Kraft dressing was on sale for $1.49, I did n't have a coupon for these! *Gasp!* I know! But those are normally around the upper $2-$3 range. 
Containers= .99! They are on closeout and I had a $1 off coupon!
Pizza= $3.99 (not bad considering normally they cost about $5)
Apple Juice (2)= 1.49 I forgot to include the other bottle!
Chocolate milk and Stacy's = FREE!

These are the items I got for FREE!! The containers were not free, but they were .99 each! I thought that was an amazing deal, so I included them in the picture!
Stacy's, Chocolate milk, Suave deodorant, and 2 packs of disposable razors all free! YAY!

The normal total of all these things would be: $116.21

I paid: $51.81!!

Savings: 64.40!!! 
Yay! I love it when I save more than I spend! :D

Have a wonderful day! Stay dry and warm! :)