Sunday, January 13, 2013


Just a quick post...


The story about Owen here.

It was a really nice couple that adopted him! Not only that, but they adopted a kitten that is just a little younger than Max!

I am so so excited and happy for Owen and his new parents!

We miss him, but we are so happy he found his forever home!

Through this I learned even more that it's okay to get attached, love even if somethings not going to be in your life forever or be permanent.

Honestly I was worried/scared for a while that I would grow so attached, that when the adoption day came, that I'd be so sad to see him go or not be able to give him up.

I am a little sad to see him go, but my happiness, joy and excitement defiantly outweighs any sadness!

So that's been my day!

I helped the nice couple pick out their new kitty essentials, since they asked for my help. As they were about to leave with their new critters, they both thanked me and the wife hugged me and told me "We'll take care of your baby" :)

It's been a good day! Hope your's is going great too!

Friday, January 4, 2013


I seriously can't believe that 2012 is over! It's so weird how fast time goes by!!

Let's have a recap of 2012!


  • I took a long term substitute position job at the school that I student taught in. That job lasted until May!!
    • It was a special education job listing, I had no idea at the time I took it, but I am so glad I did!
  • I got to see my best friend get married! :)
  • We added Lucius to our family! He has been such a blessing! Such a sweet boy!


  • I got a new car! My first ever, brand new car! It's a Honda Civic! My gas millage in my Ford Explorer was less than good and with me working 30 minutes away at the time...we decided to get a car! I am SO happy with it! It's safe, 4 door (my Explorer was 2) and the gas usage is awesome! 32 MPG...We've seen 40MPG
  • Joey's cousin got married! It was a beautiful outdoor wedding in Georgetown, Tx


  • I got hooked on comic books! We went to see The Avengers twice, and then that Saturday was Free Comic Book Day! I was hooked!


  • I turned 24! It's weird since I don't feel that old!
    • For my birthday, I just wanted to have a relaxing night. We ordered Vietnamese food and watched The Guild
  • We had my dad and my step-mom over to celebrate my birthday. It's always great having them! Lots of laughs! :)


  •  Joey's birthday! 
  •  Camp 360- We are on staff and do this every year! It's always a blessing to be able to do that and especially when the other staff members are like family!


  • I took another "vacancy" position at a school near Joey's work. That ended up lasting until December!! Such a BIG blessing!
    • It ended up being for Special Education, this time 3rd-5th grade resource room.
    • This ultimately is what made me decide to pursue my Special Education certification. I felt like there was a reason why I kept being put in Special Education classrooms. 
  • We adopted Max! He was so little( he's growing so fast)! He is such a snuggle baby!
  • We found Owen, almost exactly a week later! Instead of taking him to a shelter, we decided to foster him until we can get him adopted to a good home! He was/is defiantly a surprise visitor, but I know God is using this opportunity to teach me something!

  • Joey and I celebrated 10 years of being together!!!! :D
    • Oh my gosh, does he spoil me! That day, I felt like a princess!
    • It started after I got off work...he made a video for me, using photos from the past 10 years and songs from our wedding! The first song always makes me tear up, because I walked down the aisle to it! The second was when was played when we walked back down, as husband and wife!
      • Here is what he wrote on Facebook (I post this so I'll always have it):
Today, Rachel and I celebrate ten years together. Ten years ago, we were both shy high school kids who went from not knowing each other at all to best friends to boyfriend/girlfriend in the span of 6 months. I had been invited to work with Matt, Phil and Rachel's dad as a sound engineer for their band. Through that awesome experience, I met Rachel when I cut myself at her house one day and she was the one who helped me. Being the shy person she was, Rachel only said, "All I have are Winnie-the-Pooh band-aids." Likewise, being the shy person I was, I said "That's ok, thanks!" took the band-aid and rushed out the door. We would later get to know each other more in school and realized our backgrounds were very similar. We hung out as much as possible at school to the point where our friends would ask us weekly if we were dating yet.

Finally, on December 11, 2002, I asked Rachel out. I was so shy I couldn't even say it. I drew the question with my finger and she drew her response. Neither of us expected the relationship to last very long. However, as the days turned into months and months into years we became even more inseparable. Through the greatest times in our lives and worst, we've been there for each other. To say that I am humbled by the gift God has given me in her would be the understatement of my life. I am beyond blessed.

We usually are not so public about the details of our relationship, but I felt that this occasion warrants a little publicity. I made the video posted below as a gift to Rachel and to remind us of some of the amazing memories we've had over the years. To all that we've had the pleasure and honor of knowing the past 10 years (and longer), thank you for your friendship and support.

  • I took my Special Education test on the 15th. It took me 2.5 hours to take it. I took my time so that I would do the best I could do on it!
  • That next Tuesday, Joey found out my scores for me, since I was working. I PASSED!!!
    • Joey figured out that I only missed 17 questions out of the 132. 
      • Wow!! I can not believe it still! God is good! I felt like I was being led that way, figured if I wasn't meant to be in Special Education, I would not pass or do well. I think this is God's way of letting me know where he wants me!

  • My best friend called me one night (the same one who got married in Jan.) and told me that she and her husband are expecting!!!! I am so so happy for them! She's due in June. They are keeping the gender a secret, so I am super excited to see if it's a boy or girl!

  • We celebrated Christmas with our families. All 4 of them! Joey's mom first, then my mom, then Joey's dad in Austin, and this Saturday is with my dad! 

2012 was an amazing year! 

I honestly had trouble remembering what went on this year, it seems like all I did was work! However, I am so thankful to have had  substitute jobs all the way through the year! I had 2 sub jobs that lasted 4 months each! 

2012 was a year of working for me, however it was also a year of remembering and seeing what God has done in our lives!

God really has blessed us with so much and I am so thankful! 

I give Him all the glory!