Saturday, December 4, 2010

My Apron!

Ok, I am really late in posting this! lol A month or two ago I entered a bunch of giveaways that yellow songbird had going on!

One was for one of lilac fox's aprons!

I received an email stating that I won! :D I was so excited! Not much later after that I received it in the mail!
I took photos for you too see! :)

It was wrapped so nicely!

This came with it! A cute little hair clip!

Here's the apron! I love the color, it is so fun!

She even has a cute label on the inside!

The apron has taken place on the cute little teapot hook! :)

This one (which is now on a wall of course)

Thank you so much Lilac Fox for the beautiful apron! You can click on her name at the top and it will take you to her Etsy shop!

Have a nice night! I'm going to go catch up on Bones!

Cuteness Overload!

I love our kitties so much! Sometimes they are frustrating and upsetting, but they are a blessing! They entertain Joey and I and show us so much love! One night I found myself in total bliss running around the house with the kitties' bug toy trailing behind me and having them run after it! I laughed so hard and was so full of joy! :)

Poor Burney had to go see Dr. Dietz yesterday and had another sleepover. Thankfully, we know what we can do know to help his system not get backed up again.

I love taking photos of our babies, so here I give you some for your enjoyment!

Burney lookin cute!

Burney saying  "HI!"

They love when the windows are open!

This was Halloween. They loved watching the kids!

Poor Burney did not like the trick or treaters, every time the doorbell rings he runs into our bedroom.

Yao is 7 years old- still such a kitten!
Daisy is 3 years old.
Burney is 2 years old

God has blessed us with such great kitties!