Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Life Lately

Wow...March was the last time I posted anything. Oops! I just haven't been in the blogging mood. I read other blogs...I just haven't felt like writing.

Well I've been keeping busy substitute teaching. I am still in the same school and position I have been in since January. Which is such a blessing!!

We have 5 1/2 more days till school is out!! I am looking forward to sleeping in for sure! I will miss the kids though.

- Lucius is getting bigger, which I told him that was not allowed...he didn't listen
- Nemo is so fluffy that he looks bigger and older than Lucius, even though he isn't!
- Daisy is now hissing at Nemo...well she's been doing this for a while. Not sure what her beef is with him.
- Nibbler (our turtle) laid some eggs yesterday. Got home to a cloudy tank. She and Tardy ate their young. That's not the first time.
- I have become a comic book addict. More on that later!
- We went to see The Avengers twice and loved it each time!
- I had a job interview today! It went well, we'll see what God has in store for me! :)

Now for pictures!

This is now how I try on clothes. 
It seems that I'll get an outfit on, think I look adorable...
till I see a photo of myself. Then I regret the outfit choice. 
Ta-Da! No more problem!

Lucius snuggling :)

The boys' first time outside! 
Their goal...to eat every single blade of grass.

Love the adorable shark one of the students drew (bottom picture)

I got my rings cleaned!
About time! 3 years!
I still can't get over how shiny they are now!
Like brand new! :)

Watermelon Bubble Tea!
(basically watermelon and ice)

(sorry about the flash)
We got a new cover for our futon!
Best $28 spent!
It came with the pillow covers and inserts!
Got to love IKEA!
P.S. Our kitties already broke in the new cover. 
Next morning after getting it...Joey found a hairball on it. Awesome.

My cousin got married this past weekend. 
This was the beautiful and adorable church she got married in!
It was in Plantersville (Tx), out in the country. 
It was so pretty! 
There was also a gorgeous, old (falling down) barn that was covered in a flowering vine. 
I wanted to take a picture of it, but didn't get a chance. 

I have more photos and things to write about. I'll do that soon. I finally feel like posting/writing again! :)

Have a great night!