Sunday, January 30, 2022

Our animal babies

Originally posted 1/30/22

 I realized how sporadic I am in blogging. I didn't mention a few things within the skipped years. 

Our fur babies are now 9,10, and 11 years old.  Ziggy (9), Nemo(10), and Lucius (11).    The turtle ladies are now 14 years old! 

Max passed away suddenly in 2020 (it will be 2 years in a few days). He was 7 years old.

He would lay next to by chest or back at night. He'd be right up against me. If I tried to hold him like a teddy bear sometimes he allowed it...sometimes I would get a love bite. 

He was a stinker at times, but I loved his cuddles. 

His favorite spot was laying on the bed. 

During my workouts he was already ready to rub against me while I was on the yoga mat. Lol

Here's some of my most recent pictures of our babies. 

Well this is not the picture of the turtle ladies, but their newest home we built for them! 
As of right now, they are in their winter home in the tank in the garage. 
They love to bask on the dock on a sunny day. They still do turtle stacking, even though they are longer than my hand. 

First the oldest fur baby, Lucius

His gotcha day just passed, Lucius has been with us for 10 years! 

Lucius begging for milk. 
Each night we have a glass of milk and it has become almost a ritual for him. 
As soon as he hears the clink of the glasses and the fridge door open he comes running down the stairs. He will sit as close to us as he can. 
Then after we finish drinking most of the milk, the drops that are left Lucius gets. 
When Nemo turned 10, we started doing this for him too. 
milk nose

Love how Lucius is such a snuggle boy! 

Next, our middle child. The alpha. Nemo

Nemo LOVES sitting on my lap! Anytime I'm on the couch or have a blanket, he's there. 

If I'm at my desk and on the computer, he will be there to block the monitor or to lay on the desk. 

Every morning when he hears me wake up, he will jump up on the bed and lay next to me. 
Sometimes he'll sit on my night stand and just stare at me until I get up. 

Our youngest is our boy, Ziggy! 

He gets silly sometimes and likes to play with the blankets. 
Rubbing his face in them or burying himself in them. 

Ziggy with his favorite toy, Froggy

Ziggy's 9th Birthday! 
A trip to Petco for some goodies! 

He has his own little cabana for him to rest in while we are in the pool or outside in the backyard. 

He is one happy boy! 
Loves pup cups (whip cream), rides, walks, treats, Froggy, and seeing his dog friends. 

Christmas 2021

Under the tree is their favorite place to be! 

All 3 boys snuggling :)

We have such sweet babies! We are so thankful for them!