Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring time fun!

Happy Spring!

I know I'm a lil late with that since Spring officially started this past Friday, but I am happy that it is springtime!

This past weekend was really fun! Friday when Joey got home we spontaneously decided to go to the rodeo :) It was a nice night out! We honestly went for the food, we like to eat! We went and walked around got some BBQ sandwiches from Holmes Smokehouse...yummy! Then we walked around some more, saw a generator catch on fire....yes you saw that correctly! They had a metal tower, kinda like scaffolding, to have the posters on it advertising the rodeo stuff and on top of that was a light that rotated around, well the generator that powered that just all of a sudden caught fire! It was exciting, all the police came and tried to figure out what to do. The smell of the burning banner smelled SO bad!! Here is a picture of the fire:

 I love people watching so the rodeo was really fun for me, Taylor Swift was playing that night and I saw 3 different people I knew there! I was surprised, as big as the crowd is there we managed to see people we knew! :)
(At the rodeo, after eating our funnel cake!)

This past Saturday was Needville's City Wide Garage Sale!!! I went with Mary and Jeanne. Jeanne just found an apartment and we just got a house, so we were major furniture shopping! We found a lot of great things!! I found a couch in perfect condition for.....$25!!!! :D The lady selling it goes to our church and she originally wanted $50 for it, but she said "Since I know how it is" (to start out just married and just getting a house) she gave it to me for $25!! I am so excited to move it into the house and decorate. I also found a nice painting that I am thinking about using in the living room. I also found a lot of decorating things. I found some cute planters, that I might spray paint and use on a bookshelf to store stuff in in the living room! :)

After that Joey and I went on the search for appliances, we didn't buy any yet, but we are trying to find good prices. We went to one place Joe recommended,  they had a really good price on a washer and dryer,but they were a lil expensive on somethings so we decided to try a Sears scratch and dent place. Good stuff, but is very far for delivery! So we ended up on deciding on Lowe's. Lowe's is going to match the price of the washer and dryer from the other place (which is amazing since the price difference is about $100-$200) and we found a fridge we like :) I am excited!

I don't remember if I said in my previous blog anything about the inspection. Well originally we had it planned for this past Friday, well we couldn't do it then since the gas and water weren't turned on. So it got rescheduled to today. The inspection is as followed:

-We have termites, not too bad and there is no visual damage, but we need to get it treated. The termites came in with the landscaping mulch-- darn that mulch.

-A part on the sink that helps the dishwasher drain needs replacing, but that's only a $6 or $7 part, so not bad. Right now when the dishwasher drains water shoots out of the part lol

-The part that lets the smoke out of the fireplace needs some love, the inspector said it was hard to get open

-The satellite was not properly installed, which the inspector said almost all of them are installed this way, the person directly screwed the satellite into the roof instead of using a mount to properly do it. Not a problem to fix. He said just put some silicone around the screws and that will be good.

-Other things he told me about could be fixed with cleaning it (slow drain in bathtub, and a dirty range vent)

OVERALL: He said that this was a really good inspection! He said that he has inspected brand new homes that already need $20,000 to fix the problems!

I was really relieved to hear that! Even though we have termites, it can be treated! :D Pweh!
I believe God wants us to have this house, if not then the bank wouldn't have accepted our offer and we would still be looking. I am so grateful that God blessed us with this house! It is such a blessing to get married then also get a house!

Since I got home from school I have been reading a lady's blog. I'm not going to say who it is, but I know her and her husband, but didn't really know, know her that well. After reading her blog, it shows such a beautiful insight to her life. She seems to shine with God's love. I read her blogs about anything from raising godly children to her thanksgiving for everything. She's such a godly woman! It is really inspiring to me to become a better wife, and a better person for God to use! I want our future children to grow up loving God and knowing more about God than just the common Bible stories. I feel to do this I need to grow in my relationship with Him. Not that I  want to do that just for "the children's sake", but I really want to shine with God's love! I don't want to fall into a routine, saying the same prayers without much meaning, feeling like I have to read the Bible, etc. I want to have a genuinely close relationship with my Creator!

Some of my  thoughts today. I felt a need to share that!

Have a wonderful day!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Spring Break!!

Hi Guys!

As you can tell by the title this week is my Spring Break!! It is much needed and appreciated! This past week was so crazy and tiring! I had 3 tests, well I was going to have 3 but one got moved to next Tuesday! But the two tests I had to take were both on Wed and the 3rd one was going to be on Thursday! :( But I survived and am SO happy that it's Spring Break!

So these are my plans for this week: (just in case you are wondering what a 20 year old does on Spring Break)

- Read sections of my Children's Literature book for a presentation due the week I get back
- Do powerpoint
- Study for test that was moved
- Start reading a book that I have to give a presentation over
(These are to get ahead)
- Do a lesson plan for a class
- Read Ch. 8 and create a "reflection" - which is a word document reflecting on the chapter (using clip art, word art, smart art, etc)
- Start on powerpoint on a book
- Continue reading the 100 books I have to read in Children's lit. that's due at the end of the semester!

For housework:
- vacuum- whole apartment
- laundry
- sweep and swiffer every hard floor
- Take recycling
- Go through stuff for City Wide garage sale, then take stuff to the church for the youth to sell
- Finish doing thank-you notes (yes I know...thank you notes still! lol)

As you can see I have a busy week planned! :) I want to get a head start on my homework though since we will probably be moving in April.... oh yeah

I have postponed putting that on here just in case the inspector finds something really bad, but the bank is taking their sweet time looking over the contract so we haven't been able to get the ball rolling more. So an inspector hasn't come out yet. But it is a newer house and I believe that God really wants us to have this house so everything will be ok :)

I am soo excited about getting a house and having something to decorate! I watch HGTV all the time and was never able to paint or put in a new...anything! So I am excited about decorating!

Oh and Joey got our first costumer with our business! So that is really exciting! I am going later today to pick up parts for the computer! :)

Everything is just really exciting right now, including the fact that Spring is coming!! :) I love the spring time! Flowers and warm weather! yay!

Oh, my fieldwork ended well. My last day a boy shoved a crayon up his nose!! It was funny, but then I felt bad for him! He wasn't crying, he was calm as ever. My fieldwork teacher took him to the nurse and the nurse tried to get him to try blowing it out but he told her "I already tried that and it didn't work!" lol Poor thing so I guess his mom had to take him to the doctor that day to get it out!! I was a little sad ending my fieldwork, being there for almost everyday for a month you get a lil attached to the kids. But I didn't get too emotional and everything was good. I didn't have to give a speech like my last fieldwork (that was horrible, I almost cried and that was with 4th graders!). I just left that day. I did enjoy being with the kids, but am happy I get to sleep! :)

Well I will let your eyes rest! Have a great and sunny day! :D