Friday, February 6, 2009

One Month Later

Hi Everyone!

I haven't been able to write a blog lately, this week I started field work for one of my classes so every time I get home I'm exhausted!

Everything has been going really well :) I love being married! I love that Joey is always there! I have cooked some meals, been cleaning, and all the wife stuff :) lol I love it! There are times when I am tired and I don't want to do anything so if it can wait, it does!

School has been going well. I have the same teacher for 3 classes...which can get very old real fast! We started our fieldwork, like I mentioned ^. We are doing the fieldwork weird where we only do it for a month, but it's Mon-Thurs. 8-11. So I REALLY look forward to Fridays! :) My school is at Beltway 8 and Memorial Drive. So I have to take the beltway, thankfully it hasn't been too crazy in the morning. I have a Kindergarten class, and the teacher is awesome! She's only been teaching 5yrs, so she is young and she is getting married this June. I like the fieldwork, I just have to get used to waking up so early!

Not much has really happened lol Just living! We got a new and bigger tank for the turtles. Went from a 20gallon to a 40 gallon. They like it! We also got them some goldfish to eat...Tardy caught and ate one last night! It was exciting to watch. Nibbler...he was just excited...I think he thinks the fish are their new pets! :D

The cats are doing fine. They wake us up every morning. About an hour before our alarm goes off it seems.The cats like to fight on our bed. This week I haven't been waken up too much bc I just slept hard since I've been getting up early. It was bad though bc Daisy loved to get under the bed and scratch the bottom of the box springs so I used to wake up to that ALL the time! Ugh! But we stuffed stuff around the bed so they can't get under the bed. It's been better since then! :)

My poor plant is dead. I had a pretty ivy in a nice yellow pot on the dresser in the bedroom. Every night one of the kitties would climb up and chew/bite the leaves. Well a leaf fell off, then the other one it was just the stalk. I left it so it could still live...well...someone thought that made it more appealing to bite so it got totally pulled out of the dirt. LOL I miss having it, but I'll be ok :)

I just want to thank everyone so much again for everything you have done for us! :)

Have a great day!

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