Saturday, August 14, 2010

Cheap, Lovely Crafts!

I decided today that I wanted to share with y'all all of my favorite low cost crafts that are around our house! All of these have cost me less than $3!!

Total Cost:

- Jar: from my grandma
- Filler(wooden spools, thimble, and ribbon): 
was in an old sewing kit from my grandma

Total Cost:
$2 (or $3...can't remember)

Mirror: from a garage sale
I posted about this before! It was an ugly flat black...I sanded it, perfect!

Total Cost:

Basket: set of 3 from Hobby Lobby .60
Clay cups: Joey made them (Free!)
Greenery: leftover from wreath
I really like the natural-ness look of this! 
It looks like I just picked a few branches and put them on display!

(Lighting in our guest bath is not nice for pictures)

Total Cost:

Frame: already had, just took out another picture
I just had to print it out, I used a glue stick to put 
the picture together and to make it looked aged(it gave it the crinkly/discolored look)
Yep! A good ole' Elmer's glue stick!


Vase: from IKEA (originally clear)
Flower: Free! Leftover from our wedding
I spray painted the vase with my white primer. I love how this turned out! :)

Total Cost:

Candle Holders: (yep those are candle stick holders) Free from my grandma!
Rocks: bought a few years ago...reused
Fake Moss: $1 from Dollar Tree
I just put these together yesterday! I really like how these turned out! :)

Total Cost:

- Pitcher: from my grandma (free!)
- Greenery: leftover from wreath

I hope you enjoyed looking at my thrifty crafts! :) Some of these things we already had around our house and  they just needed some sandpaper/spray paint love, others just needed to be put together! So look around your house, you might find some items that can be paired with something different to have a whole new look! :)


Screaming Meme said...

Hi, I'm Meme from Screaming Meme..I stumbled upon your blog through Altard and noticed you were from TX! I wanted to stop in and give you a warm TX welcome...and personally invite you over to Screaming Meme...It is a Interior design blog...I look forward to following your blog! Meme

Rachel said...

Hi Meme!
Thanks for stopping by! :) I love meeting other bloggers from Texas! I even have met a crafty blogger that lives in my town! I will definitely go and check out your site! :)

the cape on the corner said...

ack, i always forget about the graphics fairy! i am really looking forward to printing some halloween type things. loving that pitched of your gradma's, too!

so glad you stopped by the cape on the corner! i'm telling ya, craigslist is crazy good!