Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

For labor day weekend this year, Joey's step family rented a house in Wimberly, Tx. It was a huge river house! You walked about 300 feet and there was the Blanco river! :)

That vacation was much needed! I got to relax! 

We floated in the river, me twice, Joey three times! We swam in the pool! Ate tons of yummy food! We saw black squirrels, beautiful birds (plus hummingbirds!), deer, and a possum! We stuck our feet in the river and walked on the rocks in the river up stream. I enjoyed that lil adventure!  Most of all had fun time with family! I re-found my smile. 

Yeah, you read that right. For some reason, I had found myself not smiling that much during the day. Poor students, I must have looked grumpy. It was not that I was unhappy or anything...it just took less facial effort. So as soon as I realized that I have made an effort to smile at the students and throughout the day!

Anyways, back to labor day weekend. Picture time! :D Oh yeah, it was beautiful!!
The view from the patio

The river once you walked down the dirt road

See that big rock right in the middle (the front-most one). 
Joey and I walked up stream to it and sat on it :)
It was fun!

A beautiful tree that was right by the river

Loved this! The water was cool, but it felt good!

A pretty butterfly!

The scenery was so lovely that I wanted a cute picture of us. 
I should have worn something cuter, but I still love it! :D
Thanks to my sister-in-law for taking it!

Have a nice night!

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