Monday, June 4, 2012

Summer Goals

Yay! It is summer time!! I am so excited to have some time to sleep in and to do some much needed housework.

That is something I'm going to be working extra hard on this summer. It'll be something that will always be on my mind until I get one. Then I'll be thinking/planning my classroom :)

House Goals:

  • Front Room
    • Finish Gallery Wall
      • Print out pictures to finish it
  • Master 
    • Get rid of hard water stains on shower stall door
      • Heard oven cleaner works- I will have to try it!
    • Clean out closet of clothes I no longer wear/want
  • Kitchen
    • Change out light above kitchen sink
      • Change it out for a pendant light
    • Frame kitchen art
    • Clean off window sill, make it functional
  • Laundry
    • Vacuum out lint trap
      • 3 years this April we've been in the house...thinking we need to clean the lint trap!
  • Living Room
    • Hang picture/canvas above couch (when we get it from Father-in-Law's)
  • Guest Bath
    • Get rugs- woo hoo! Found a great deal at Kohl's!
    • Decorate!
  • Office
    • Get office organized
      • Shred papers
      • File papers
  • Guest Room Geek Room (we moved futon to living room and arcades into guest room)

Etsy Shop Goals:
  • Find items to list
  • Get items listed
  • Advertise!

Fun Goals:
  • Read 2 books. 
    • Finish Prophet
    • Read more comic books! :D
  • Make a new dessert
  • Have a a BBQ with friends/family
  • Go camping
  • Float a river
  • Dye my hair a different color

That's all I have for now!
Have a great night!


the cape on the corner said...

love your potential etsy shop banner! what sort of things are you planning on selling? oh man, i have a list of goals, but i really don't feel like doing them. hehe.

Rachel said...

Thanks! I have my shop up and running for a while, I just took it down for vacation. I usually have things I make-over and some vintage items! I'm hoping to get some more things listed and it up and running soon! :) Lol! I understand about not wanting to do stuff! That's why I made this post...accountability! hehe