Thursday, December 20, 2012

To Do:

Lately, I have been really slacking. Slacking in cooking, housework and blogging!

I've been so busy with my long-term substitute job and when that ended the other sub jobs I took.

I've also been studying for the Special Education certification exam.

Since, today I have no sub job and I have already taken my exam(last Saturday). I have a free day!!

Oh and by the way...I PASSED MY EXAM!!

Out of the possible 300 points, I made a 273!

What a tremendous blessing!

So all that needs to be done is the paperwork to go through officially and I'll be Special Education Early Childhood-12th grade certified!


I'm using today and possibly tomorrow, to get things done around the house.

Why am I posting it get me motivated and keep me accountable!

To Do: 


-Wash clothes
-Wash towels
-Wash rug

- Vacuum rugs and couches
- Sweep living room floor
- Vacuum kitchen
- Possibly steam clean it
- Pick up ornaments off of floor (thanks kitties!) and put up
- Sweep bedroom

- Clean master bath: shower, tub, toilet, counter
- Clean toilet in guest bath

- Organize and put away things

- Make apple pie- for Saturday
- Make brownie bites (got a cool new brownie maker from my grandma)
- Wrap presents- for Saturday
- Put together gingerbread house
- Play with kitties with their beloved feather stick - kinda hectic with 4 jumping at it, but they love it!

- Take Max to the vet, for his neutering
- Get the few gifts I have left to buy for Christmas

That's it! That's enough on my plate for today and tomorrow! Of course catching up on some TV is thrown in there too!

Have a great Thursday!

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the cape on the corner said...

congrats to you on your cert, that is awesome and definitely something to celebrate. and that's quite a to do max old enough to be neutered? i have to take lily, but i was told 4 months is the time? i don't know.

swimming with manatees was amaaazing and scary, b/c those suckers are big, and when they come up beside you-even though you are expecting and hoping for them-in real life they are huge. nah, not blogged about, it was way before.

happy holidays to you and joey and your family and your kitties!