Sunday, January 13, 2013


Just a quick post...


The story about Owen here.

It was a really nice couple that adopted him! Not only that, but they adopted a kitten that is just a little younger than Max!

I am so so excited and happy for Owen and his new parents!

We miss him, but we are so happy he found his forever home!

Through this I learned even more that it's okay to get attached, love even if somethings not going to be in your life forever or be permanent.

Honestly I was worried/scared for a while that I would grow so attached, that when the adoption day came, that I'd be so sad to see him go or not be able to give him up.

I am a little sad to see him go, but my happiness, joy and excitement defiantly outweighs any sadness!

So that's been my day!

I helped the nice couple pick out their new kitty essentials, since they asked for my help. As they were about to leave with their new critters, they both thanked me and the wife hugged me and told me "We'll take care of your baby" :)

It's been a good day! Hope your's is going great too!

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