Saturday, September 6, 2014

Hair Adventure

It has been a while since I have blogged. Why? I am really not sure! One of my goals this summer was to blog. Sadly, I didn't get to it. Perhaps it is all the things I want to blog about that just snowballs and I get over whelmed when I think about what to post.


So this summer I finally decided to take the plunge. For about two years I have wanted to do something fun with my hair. After much research and Pinterest searching, I finally decided to dye my hair!

I did not do it myself....since I have natural medium brown hair, I figured bleach would be involved for any color to look good. So instead of trying and it looking horrible, I went to Visible Changes.

I talked to Joey about it and I decided on blue. I went to the nearest Visible Changes after having lunch with Joey in June and made a walk-in appointment that afternoon.

It took 2 1/2 hours to bleach bath my hair (which is less harsh than just straight bleach I was told). It took three bowls of it to get to a color where the blue dye would look best. I was hoping I would look like Daenerys Targaryen....instead it turned a more Cersei Lannister. Meh.

Like a good blogger, I took Before, During and After photos! Warning: a lot of other way to get hair pics! :)


This is about the second of three bleach baths they needed to do. Issue was that summer of 2013 I dyed my hair black...the black was still on the tips from being grown out. As a result, more bleach needed to be used on the tips and the blue was the darkest there. 

Waiting for the dye to set

The day of. It is blue, but looks more purple here. 
It would look different depending on the lighting. 

Next day

One of the things I loved about the way my hair turned out was the different tones. One piece of my hair in the front received more bleach and as a result, the dye turned that section a beautiful aqua color. 

The saddest part of this color is the fading and the roots growing out. My roots grew out a blonde color so they were pretty obvious. The color really didn't look bad as it faded until about a month and a half or two months after I dyed it.  I made sure to use a special shampoo/conditioner for dyed hair. The reality of it is though, each time you wash your hair some of the blue comes out. 

The first time I washed my hair after it got dyed, it looked like I killed a Smurf! So if you want to do this as well...wear gloves. 
Blue gets everywhere!

Since I needed this color to fade out/grow out enough before school was to start up again, I didn't get it touched up. If I could be a blue haired teacher, I would be!! 

This is the process of it fading. 

It turned a pretty blue/green

Eventually the blonde was so much, it started to look not so nice. Again, I went to Pinterest...but this time for a haircut style. Another thing I have been wanting to do since the beginning of this year (ever since I saw Snow White's pixie cut in Once Upon a Time) was get a pixie cut! 

I knew that if I were to cut it short, it would be much easier to dye to a brown color for school. Plus it would be much easier to style/manage. 

Notice all the blonde

My hair was 12 inches long in a pony tail. However I was not able to donate it, since it had been bleached and dyed. That still kinda makes me sad, but I do not regret dyeing or cutting my hair. 


I thought most of the blue was gone...however when I got it cut, the back was all still blue! It looked AWESOME! Plus the blonde really went with it. 

Ack! I still love how the lady cut my hair! 

As school neared, and I was about to meet the new principal of our school, I decided it was time to go back to normal. 

So much blonde! 

I dyed it and now I'm back to a normal brownish color. 

Will I dye my hair again? YES! It was a lot of fun!

The most awesome thing about it was it gave me a new found confidence and people seemed to be more open to talk to me. Wither that was just telling me they liked the blue or asking me where I got it done. It was pretty neat. 
My hair definitely changed a lot this year, but I am so happy I took the risk. 

Quick Look: 

I hope reading this gives you confidence to try something you have been wanting to do for a while. It doesn't have to be hair, it could be something as simple as hanging that picture on the wall which you've been too nervous to hang or trying new food. Take that risk and you might find that you love it! 

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