Saturday, January 3, 2015

The Best of 2014

It is hard to believe that 2014 is already over! I know people say that every year, however this one has flown by!

I remember last year with teaching, I was so excited to have "made it" to December, but this year...December seemed to sneak up on me!

I did not post a lot this year so there are many pictures I want to share!

-The year started out with us putting more finishing touches on our house. We moved in our house November 2013 and we are still loving it!
-Joey and I's 5th year anniversary! There is nothing more to say except, I am so incredibly blessed to have Joey as my husband! :)

- I got my painting on, I inherited paint, an easel, brushes, and some canvases from my grandma. I decided to create my first painting.
It's not perfect, but I like it! 

We also went to visit Joey's Dad. He had just moved into his new house, so we were trying to pick paint colors for the exterior. (Decided to go with a more white/cream color in the end)

After that, Joey and I went around Galveston and I got to take pictures with my DSLR:


My clementine tree started blooming! I ended up getting 5 clementines off the tree in its 1st year!
It had many more blooms, however I didn't want to the tree to be stunted in it's growth because of the fruit. 
We went and saw my dad sing with his band. 
I love seeing my dad sing and play because I know he likes it and has fun :)

- Tried, but I still have the bruise from it!

May the Fourth 
Oh yes...Princess Leia buns! 

Oh.My.Gosh! Comicpalooza was AWESOME this year!!
That's right! Stan Lee! The creator of Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, and most importantly...
(see his whole list of 332 characters here)
Stan Lee was not even at the humongous Comic-Con in California(due to illness), 
but he was in Houston!  

For this nerdy girl, seeing Stan Lee was amazing!

 - I turned 26. Seriously do not feel like I have actually aged since I was 23.

Blue hair!

My first sewing project on the inherited sewing machine.
New kitchen window inserts
(they are a aqua blue, due to the green lights it looks a little different. 

I tried my hand at making another piece of art. 
This is going to go on a gallery wall in our master bedroom. 


- We went to Vegas! I love going in August, right before school starts. It helps me relax and it is like the last hoo-rah of the summer! Each time we have gone somewhere different and I love adventuring with Joey! 
This time we stayed in Mandalay Bay. 
We loved staying here! 
The rooms were nice, it had great amenities, and it was casual. 
The other amazing places we have stayed were great, but not casual. 

We went to 

This is a speak-easy styled bar. 
The entrance is hidden with a mall. 
The car is near the entrance of it. 
It was really neat! 

The Border Grill's brunch
If you are in Vegas and are very hungry...I recommend this place!
The Bacon Jalapeno delicious! 

We visited the Shark Reef in Mandalay Bay. 
It is one of my favorite aquariums! 

The MGM Lion

Sigfree and Roy's Secret Garden
It was okay, just very warm!

So Vegas has a new ferris wheel called The High Roller
It is the tallest one in the world at 550 ft. 

The whole experience was amazing! 
I highly recommend it! 
You get into these like giant pods (has AC, seats, etc)
and it slowly moves around. The whole thing takes about 30 minutes!
I loved going at night and seeing all the lights. 

This was taken from the Foundation Room at the House of Blues. 
Beautiful view!

First day of school!

Mom and I took pictures. These are our selfies. Lol!

Anberlin's Farewell Tour
Such an awesome band!
Such a great show!
They ended with "Fin" which is my favorite song by them!

We went birding with some friends at Brazos Bend State Park.

I haven't been there in a long, long time. 
We saw birds, alligators, and some frogs!

It is very beautiful there! 


Lone Star Biker Rally
We love going because of all the great people watching! 

Our big Black Friday buy!
An inflatable hot tub!
We decided that this would be a good test to see if we would want to buy a real hot tub. 
We love it!

Cooked my first whole chicken and used my dutch oven for the first time!
It turned out fantastic! 
Plus it wasn't as gross dealing with a whole chicken as I thought it would be.

The project we ended 2014 with...
A paver patio! 
It is still under construction since we just started on it this week. 
I am so excited about relaxing on the patio and watching the birds!

Happy 2015! I am excited to see what God has in store for us in 2015! 

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