Wednesday, January 6, 2016

My Word for 2016.

And just like that 2015 is over. It is so crazy to think about it! As I get older it seems like time flies by. Part of me thinks that is due to the fact that as an adult we are always looking 2-3 steps ahead.

It is hard to stop and think of just living through each day fully, I know me personally I am always thinking days ahead, if not months. Sometimes I have the "if I can get through______" it will be ok mentality.

This brings me to realize my word for this year.
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I want everything I do, in every aspect of my life to be intentional. 

This means: 
-My time with a life focused on him
-My actions in my relationships- being with friends and strengthening friendships that will help me grow to be a better person
-In my free time....stop reading random websites to pass the something more constructive. 
-What I say- thinking through (all the time) what I say and why I say it. 
      - Use what I say to uplift others 

My goals for this year are pretty simple. I have goals that are separated into monthly goals. 
- Read 1 book each month
-Blog post once a month 

If you are wondering, my words last year were nurture and thankfulness. 

I definitely got nurture down with growing a garden and teaching pre-k!

Thankfulness is something I continue to work on. Not like I am not thankful, but I want it as a mindset. God is so gracious to give me each day here on this earth and I need to look to Him first to see why I am here, what does He want me to do each day. Remembering that even when things are hard, someone out there always has it harder. 

You guys it is just 6 days into this new year! Forget the mistakes you have made in the past, last year, yesterday. Each day starts out fresh with no mistakes in it. Be gracious with yourself and others. Try to make each day better than the last. Be nicer, be more patient, smile more, gripe less. help one more person than the day before. It is up to you to make this year rock! 

Welcome 2016! Let's do this!!

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