Sunday, December 4, 2022

Our 2022 Travel!

 It is hard to believe that it is already Decemeber! I realized I haven't posted about our travel for the year! Get ready for a long post! :) 

This year we have gone to Seattle, WA; Florida and Las Vegas (twice)! 

For Joey's job he needed to travel to Seattle and was able to hold off in going until it was my Spring Break! I was able to go with him to all the different studios to help him complete an audit of the AV and Technology. It is the same thing that we completed in Florida last year. 

The weather in Seattle was drizzly, but we actually got 2 days with no rain!! The rain was not that bad since it is not like our rain here in Texas, but it was chilly for us. Our favorite parts were not actually in the city- the surrounding areas were much nicer. 

The scenery around Seattle is so beautiful!!

Mercer Island had the cutest houses along the shore. 

The fog from the chilly rain falling. 

We stayed in Redmond for a couple of nights. 
We ate at the Bai Tong Thai, which the locals recommended. I got the crispy chicken there and we shared a pot of jasmine tea. 

Surprisingly, the food you will find the most in Seattle are: teriyaki/Asian, pizza, and coffee. 

One of my favorite Old Fashions ever was made at Tavern Hill in Belvue. It was the perfect mix and so yummy after a long day of traveling and visiting studios! 

In June we went to Florida for Joey's job as well. Our visit last year was the big audit, so this year wasn't as full. 

We flew into Fort Lauderdale since it was cheaper to do and rent a car to drive to West Florida than fly into Tampa. Joey got to show me Orange Theory Cooperate Headquarters, Boca and the cute shops there. 

The coolest thing though was Joey took me to see the Atlantic Ocean and then by that evening I was able to see the Gulf! 

The Atlantic

The Gulf at Sunset

I love this man so incredibly much! 

Florida was filled with good food and we even got to eat dinner with one of Joey's coworkers that is such a sweet person! 

In July, we made our trip to Vegas! This is a trip I always look forward to! We've been going to Vegas almost every year since about 2013. 

I ALWAYS love going to see what's in Bellagio's Conservatory each visit. It is a must do for me every time. 

One of biggest highlights of the trip is we got to see Martin Garrix at Omnia!! 
He was incredible! At one point you could feel the balcony moving because everyone was dancing and jumping. We both look forward to seeing him again! 

We made sure to take a visit to Mirage since it has been bought by Hard Rock and will be turning into one sometimes soon. 

We saw Mad Apple at New York New York! We highly recommend this show! It has a variety of different acts and was very fun. 

We had some drinks  in Superfrico's Ski Lounge in Cosmopolitan 

We met up with our friends and visited Area 15. We visited the Meow Wolf Mega Mart which was very fun and could definitely spend many hours there. 

Art installation 

The Mega Mart has many funny type products that you can actually buy. 

On one of the nights we went to Freemont Street. Honestly, my favorite spot is Circa. It's 21 and older, they check your ID at the no junkies/sketchy people in the place like you see walking around outside.  

8 East 
Gotta try the brisket fried rice Vital Vegas style (with chicken skewers) 
It's perfect before or after a night of partying! 

Again, one of my favorite places. The Legacy Club at the top of Circa. 
The bartenders are some of the best in the country and each drink they have is delicious!
This one was the Green Felt Jungle. 

Well then school started for me pretty soon after our July trip. A few weeks into it a big change occurred and that's all I feel like sharing about it here since it's not so positive or happy. The outcome I am still trusting God in leading me with. 

Anyways, we made a weekend trip back to a place that I feel the most relaxed, Vegas. 
Joey was gone all earlier that week in San Diego at a cooperate event. So he changed his flight to go to Vegas, that Friday my father-in-law picked me up and took me to the airport. I met Joey in Vegas for a great weekend. 

It was a weekend just Joey and I and was so good for me! I am so thankful for Joey and my father-in-law (who took me to the airport and watched Ziggy).  We spent Friday night, Sat- Monday there. 

I got to see Bellagio's Fall display for the first time ever. 

We visited Westgate, the hotel that Elvis had a residency. On the way we got to see the progress on the globe shaped arena they are making. Once it's done, the entire outside will be a screen. 

We went to Skyfall Lounge which is at the top of Dellano (which is connected to Mandalay Bay). 
We saw the sunset from there. 

We started at Skyfall and then ended the night at the Legacy Club. So from one end of the strip, to the end of Freemont Street. 
Beginning of the night

End of the night 

We've had some great adventures this year. As always it is such a blessing to be going through this life with Joey. I can't wait to see what else is in store for us in the years to come!

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