Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Goodbye July!

Well almost :)

Camp went amazing! It is so awesome to see God move in people's lives! For me this year felt different than other years. Different in a good way!

All week at camp I got to be around the Catoe's 6 week old baby girl! (David and Stephanie are on staff too) I loved that! Stephanie would let me hold her almost whenever :) I enjoyed talking and being around the godly women that are staff! There is so much I have yet to learn how to be a godly wife! I asked one of the women about any type of good books and she recommended "Feminine Appeal" by: Carolyn Mahaney. I am excited about learning more about how God wants me to be as a wife. (It also has some stuff on being a godly mother, which that will come in handy in the years to come)

What else has been happening...
Friday evening Joey and I went to Galveston and stayed till Saturday evening. We went and saw his dad and grandad, and Carmen too :) We went and ate at Shrimp and Stuff friday night. They have such yummy fried catfish!! Saturday Joe, Joey and I went to get donuts, then ran some errands with Joe. I like Galveston! It is so pretty there and I love all the old houses there. While we were running errands we went to Pier 1. I found these really cute bird salt and pepper shakers. They were $3.25 with tax! I was excited! Next time we go down to Galveston almost all the old oaks will be gone! The city went around and painted orange dots on all the trees they were going to cut down. So when you are driving onto the island almost all those old oak trees that are in the median are going to be cut down. It's kinda sad! Those trees are so beautiful! It will look different for sure!

Sunday evening my mom and I went to a play at the Alley Theater. We saw "Sherlock Holmes and the Mystery of the Crucifix" (I think that was the name) It was good! Scary in some parts, like gun shots and thunder booms, it was a good mystery though!

Today I went and finally got my name changed on my driver's license. I avoid the DPS office as much as possible so that's why it has taken me so long! I went and did that, it only took about 30 minutes or so. Then I went and returned something at Walmart. I went to the bank to get my named changed on our account. I couldn't do that until I got my license changed. Then I went to Target. I got a cute rug to go in the laundry room(so I don't have to feel the litter under my feet when I do laundry). Swept the floor and now I'm doing some laundry! I love having such productive days! :D

Well the washer stopped, got to go!

Enjoy the beautiful day God has provided! :D

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