Saturday, July 11, 2009

Busy Bumble Bee

So lately I have been pretty busy! The type of busy that when it's Thursday you think it's Tuesday!

This week I have been working for camp. (I do all the registration stuff for OneCamp) I did all the badges Tues. and Wed. Tuesday was my mom's birthday so we went to eat at Gringo's. Good food at a good price! Wednesday was just busy!
Friday I did housework since this next week we will be at camp, would like to come home to a house that is clean :) Then today I've been packing for camp! It's been a very productive week!

Oh! I finished reading book #2!! As previously mentioned in my blog, one of my goals this summer is to read 3 books!

An update on that list:
- I have finished the guest bathroom- we got a shower curtain rod. Joey was sweet and put it up!
- For Joey's birthday I organized the office and the the filing cabinet. It's much better now!
- I finished reading Saint by Ted Dekker and I'm about to start on Sinner (by same author)

If any of ya'll read the Circle Trilogy (Black, Red, White...and coming soon Green!!) I highly recommend reading Showdown, Saint and Sinner!! They go along with them and they are really good!! The only thing that kinda makes me sad about starting on Sinner is I'm on the last book of that series!

Tonight Joey and I went to eat with my grandparents. They are in town for a few days. It was good/different to see my grandpa. He has Alzheimer's. He is doing well, it is just weird to see him being different. He is on medication and he does cross word puzzles to help stregthen his brain. It takes him longer to respond when you talk to him. He falls a lot, which I don't think that's a part of it, but it doesn't help. He does still remember things when you ask him stuff about the past. My mamaw said that he doesn't always remember things, but tonight when asked about something he remembered. And he could hold a conversation pretty well!! Overall, he is doing pretty good considering the circumstance. Which is great to see!!

I am really excited about camp! I just ask of anyone that reads this to pray for everyone involved in camp this year. The students, sponsers, staff, the speaker, the band, the drama guys, just everyone! Thanks! :)

I'm off to do more packing :)

Have a great week everyone!

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