Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Having the Right Attitude

So I just finished reading a chapter in The Excellent Wife and some things really stuck out to me.

One of the points in the chapter said that:
"God has prepared good works for the Christian wife to do."
It states Ephesians 2:10 and then goes on to say that the works that God has prepared for wives to do not only includes what you do in your relationship with your husband, but your attitude or heart's motive. One line I really liked was "It will help you to have the right attitude if you focus on what you are supposed to be doing, not on what your husband is supposed to be doing." Instead a wife should look to see if she is doing the good works God intended for her to do.

I thought this was a really interesting little passage because how many times do you see wives nag at their husband that they aren't doing something, or doing something wrong. I am guilty of this. I have learned with Joey that he will get done what he says he will and he will do the task in a way that he thinks is best. The controlling, sinful side of me wants to have him do the task right then and do how I do it. Thankfully Joey forgives me when I start to nag and by God's grace I am trying to become better.

Another passage I wanted to share from the book was:
"The focus of the Christian wife is to be on God rather than herself"

Since one of a wife's role, I believe, is to take care of the household, it is really easy to get overwhelmed and start to react selfishly. Being honest, that has already happened with me. There are times where I've thought "Why do I have to do all the sweeping" or "Why do I have to do___ "-fill in the blank. In reality, everything I do should be to please God, especially if it is my God-intended role. That selfishness can lead to anger which can lead to fighting about something, that if you just thought that you were pleasing God with what you are doing, would have never happened in the first place. As Christians we should do everything to glory God, so ladies why can't that be sweeping or scrubbing toilets. Although I hate toilets, taking care of the home God blessed us with shows Him that we are thankful and glorifies God. What I mean is taking care of the gift we were given shows we appreciate it and we appreciate the gift giver.

I hope some of the passages from the book helps you or helps you to see something in a different light.

I am enjoying The Excellent Wife so far and I am excited to learn more about how my Father wants me to be.

Sorry guys, this is mostly to women, however there might be some things mentioned that can apply to your life too. I am going to continue posting as I read through the book. I just want to post things that really stick with me, that I can really relate to or things I want to get better at.

Have a nice evening!

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