Sunday, August 23, 2009

The End of Summer

Wow! Summer is gone! It's crazy! Of course once OneCamp is over it always seems that the rest of summer flies by!

Each weekend have had something going on, except this weekend. It was a relaxing weekend! The 8th I had a surprise birthday party to go to. That was fun :) It was a bunch of us education majors. Then that next weekend we had the OneCamp planning retreat. We went down to Palacious Friday night and came back Saturday. Then once we got back we went and helped Joey's cousin paint his house. Then that night we had our friend Leah come over! It was a very fun and eventful weekend! :) Then next weekend (29th) we have a wedding to go to!

Not much has been going on with me. I've been trying to get housework done so I don't have to do it right when school starts. School starts Monday!! The awesome thing is that my first class on MWF isn't until 12!! Then Tuesday Thursday classes aren't until 9:30!! And I don't have any field work this semester! YAY!! That means no getting up early!! :)

This semester I am taking 4 education courses and 1 normal class. Classes: Emergent Literacy, Survey of Exceptional Children( it's a class about special needs kids), Kindergarten Curriculum and Instruction, Social Studies (how to teach it to Elementary kids), and Texas & U.S. Government.  Should be interesting :)

I haven't finished reading Sinner yet, my 3rd book this summer. So I haven't/didn't met my goal of 3 reading 3 books this summer. I'm half way through it so it shouldn't be long before I finish. I will continue to blogging my thoughts on "The Excellent Wife". Maybe not so often as I would like, but I will keep posting :)

Have a sunny day!

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