Saturday, September 19, 2009

My Garage Sale Findings!

So today was the first day of Needville's City Wide Garage Sale!! :D I woke up at 6:15 on a Saturday willingly to go and find great deals! And find them I did!! I took pictures of all my findings so y'all can see!

In this picture is a garden set, which I will put all my seeds and stuff in, a nice smelling candle (lemongrass), a toothbrush holder to replace ours bc it's rusting, and two blue candle holders...I'll show you later what I'm doing with those! :)

I got  both of these two yard ornaments for only a $1.00!! The top one (if you can't tell) is 2 turtles. They are a lil dirty but I didn't mind since they would be outside anyways!

A cute trivet for decorations. I think our kitchen will be cute country theme. Not too sure yet. If nothing else it will be eclectic. :)

My grandma gave me this pretty clear glass jar/container. At one house I found these beautiful glass beads. Basically the glass you can fill up with anything. Then a candle goes on top. (Can kinda see it in the picture) I am going to buy some clear beads to help fill the jar up more.

This is a key holder. I actually looked at one of these when I went to an antique shop Friday! So instead of paying a lot for it I got it for 50 cents!!

I thought this was really cute, so it's hanging in our kitchen!

I bought 3 lil Aloe Vera plants!! :D I am excited about it! I think one will go in the flower bed and one will be put in a pot and put inside...not too sure about the other one! But this was only .50 or 1.00. I can't remember! lol

This is my favorite purchase!! The second place we went to I bought this! It was only......$5!! :D

It is really beautiful! It has a few scratches, which is understandable since it is old.

It has a nice home in our front room. I used some dust spray and cleaned it and it looks so nice! I thought the pillow looked nice on it; I didn't get it at a garage sale though. The kitties loved smelling the chair and sitting on it :)

That's all! All my goodies I found today!

Oh! I was pleased to hear my friend who is pregnant found some great finds! Including a nice rocking chair, a more suitable one to rock a baby in. She also found baby clothes with the tags still on them!! Yay!

That is all for now!

Have a great night!

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