Friday, September 4, 2009

School and Picture updates!

Hi Guys!

Well school has started and I've been busy with homework! Last weekend was basically a homework weekend, poor Joey, I think he got bored. And I felt bad since I was busy most of the time! The crazy thing is the homework is mostly from one class!! I am trying to work ahead a little in that class though.  My other classes are going ok. One of them my teacher has only been in class once, she has been sick the rest of the time. It's kinda nice to get out early, but then again it freaks me out bc of the work we should be starting on that we aren't since no one knows what to do!
I am SO happy this is a 3 day weekend! WOO HOO! :D I almost think it's sad that I am so excited to have a holiday already and I've just been in school two weeks! lol

Oh! I went and got our wedding album today! Once Joey got home we looked at it, I am happy with it! I was so excited to go and pick it up! If you want to see it just let me know :)

I finished reading Sinner on Tuesday! It was really good! So I completed my goal of reading 3 books this summer...I'll just say it's still summer :)

I found the pictures that I took after I cleaned the office, but I didn't have any before here are the pictures (Just imagine the before was with papers everywhere, the closet with stuff just put in it and no organization!) This is what I did for Joey's birthday!

This is what you see when you enter the room

This is Joey's desk. I cleaned it off and organized the stuff that was on it :)
The poster on the wall, can't see it too well was a vintage poster that Joey's uncle gave to us. I framed it and put it on the wall for Joey.

Here's the closet. On the shelf is all of Joey's and mine computer games and also some software. I got them out of the (moving) boxes and organized them.

I organized the filing cabinet(no picture) and organized tools that Joey had that he would use to fix computers.

This is another shot of the closet. Records are on the shelf and some tools are in the blue bin.

Now the closet has a bookshelf in it with all of Joey and I's books on it. It was so nice to get a bookshelf in there we had about 2-3 boxes full of books! The bookshelf is under where the box is in the picture to the right.

I was so happy with the outcome of this room! It was a lot of work, it took me all day, but it was worth it! Joey was happy which makes me happy!

I also took some pictures of the kitties today. I thought I would update you on Burney. He is growing pretty fast! I took him to his first vet visit before the week before school started. He was healthy. He had 2 health issues, but both were fixed with medicine! Burney still wants to be like Yao. Burney still wants to eat out of the same bowl and be around him as much as possible! It's cute! I don't think Yao minds. Just a little while ago they were laying next to each other and Yao was licking Burney's ear.  Ok here's Burney pictures:

Here's Burney! He still has his kitten fluff! His eyes didn't turn green, which I was happy they stayed brown because I thought they look so pretty!

Here's the whole gang!
They were all snuggling this afternoon!
You can kinda see how much Burney has grown!

Here are the two boys! This picture was taken closer up, but you can tell the size difference between Yao and Burney!
Alright that is enough for tonight :)
Have a great night!

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