Sunday, June 20, 2010

Lima Beans and Turtle Eggs!

Well, I have been busy these past few weeks with summer class. I go M-F for 2 hours. It is tiring, simply because I have homework every night and a whole semester is crammed into 4 weeks.

So last weekend I did this:

For my class, I had to spray paint 8 lbs of Lima beans. read that right. 8 Pounds!!

Here's another picture so you can really appreciate how many Lima beans that really is! The shoe box was just a tap away from spilling the beans!

These beans are to be used as manipulatives for teaching math. We are learning how to teach math in my class and these are used in games and such. 

I finally got the energy and motivation to clean the house. Being honest needed it! It was driving me crazy! So now our floors are clean and I am one happy lady! :D

Here's what else I've been up to recently.

Gettin' a picture of Daisy's heart on her paw. (Tilt head to the left) See it?

Also here is my cute Burney

He loves that he can see the turtles again! The turtles like looking at him too!

Oh...speaking of turtles. Interesting story. Last month, while Joey was trying to repair the turtle tank we built (seen above picture- under the glass tank) we had the turtles in the guest bathroom's bathtub.

One morning I woke up and went and checked on the turtles. I noticed something very strange in the tub with them.  I immediately called Joey and told him. He looked it up. Plus I sent him a picture:

Apparently our two "male" turtles were not so. One is a female!! SURPRISE! lol

So Joey looked up what I should do to incubate them. I got a plastic storage box and got to work making it a home for the eggs.

Here's the result:
We are hoping to have at least one baby turtle by the end of August.

There are many variables that make it to where we won't have any baby turtles. But you never know, God may let us have a lil miracle turtle baby. To go along with our miracle Burney :) (Burney's story)

Interesting happenings in our house! A "male" turtle having babies, a mountain of Lima beans getting painted, and of course our kitties being cute!

I am blessed :)

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