Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Our Fall Decor

Yes, I know, I'm a little late in posting this. It's almost time to decorate for Christmas! I don't believe in decorating for Christmas until after Thanksgiving. That and I usually don't have the time to! :)


This is what's on our formal table :) The table runner I got on awesome clearance last year. ($4.49)My cute apothecary jar filled with filler I got last year on clearance at Target($1.98). It's originally for Christmas since it has nuts and "cranberries" in it, so I just took out the nuts for Fall.  For Thanksgiving I added a turkey beanie baby! Hey- you have to use those things were you can! 

This is our normal table ( I forgot to clean before I took the picture). Those jars are actually 2 pickles and a relish jar shh! I love the glow at night time!

On my kitchen cart. Jar with leaves, dollar tree gourds and a sunflower to top it off :) My Etsy pitcher I added  some dollar tree leaves. 

This was for Halloween. I got some hard covered books and took the covers off :)
The one in the middle I usually keep there, but I love the height the other books added!

Reader's Digest Book (from garage sale)
Obsessed - figured it sounded creepy :)

Our mantle. I added a little something for Thanksgiving. Sorry this pic was taken at night :)

I filled my Ball jar with leaves and the gourds. 

My cute plate I got at an antique shop with my dollar tree pumpkin.
"A good friend is like sunshine...always welcome"

Here's what I added for Thanksgiving
It's very simple to do if you have Scrabble. 

One thing I did not take a picture of, even though  I could run out a snap a pic in my PJ's, is our front door. I have a cute fall wreath and the planter has 3 mini pumpkins in it. 
I think I might add a little more to the wreath next year.Right now it is really cute and simple. 
 I love the full look of HOH's wreath (here)

I am really happy with it :) 3 packs of fake Dollar Tree leaves and 2 packs of fake gourds goes a long way :) I love that decorating does not have to be expensive and it can still look cute/nice! For the most part my decorating is just apothecary jars or jars that the fillers can be swapped out for each holiday. I like that since it is so versatile.

Have a great Thanksgiving! :D

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the cape on the corner said...

relish and pickle jars! how smart, i may have to use that trick. your fall items look great, and what a great score on your filler from target. i just took all my fall stuff down, which is so sad to me. and i discovered i have to buy yet another container to hold it all. ugh.

hope your thanksgiving was full of good food and good times! thanks for the comment love, too!