Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Christmas Decorations and Deals!

It's been a while since I have posted about the deals that I have gotten :) These happened back in the end of December.

Oh, I want to share pictures of our Christmas decorations :)

My grandpa made these! My family has had these since I was little. There used to be a mommy reindeer but she broke. So now we have the daddy and baby reindeer.

Here's our fireplace :) The stockings and garland were just a $1 each! Our lil nativity scene is in the center, it's a little one, so it might be hard to see.

This was my favorite and one that made me so excited. The candle holder was free, my grandma gave it to me. The garland was the rest of what was around the fireplace ($1), the red were broken mardi gras beads! Then the cross is an ornament, I taped to the bottom of the candle holder so it would stand up, my mother gave me. So the total cost of that $1!! Then the angel on the right, my great grandma gave me :)

Oh! We had lights around our window, but I forgot to take a picture of that!

Alright onto the deal pictures!

A trip to Kroger, Kohl's, Bath and Body Works and Target.

This is my Kroger Trip.
They were/are having a PG&E sale, buy $25 of PG&E products and get $5 off.
I used:
- $1 off Bounty
- $1 off Fusion shave gel
- $1.50 off Fusion shave gel
- B1G1 Free Always Liner
- $.50 off Dawn (doubled to $1, got the big Dawn for $1)
- $1.50 off Dawn Pump (got it for .50!)

My total for that trip would normally be: $35.12

I paid: $ 12.96!!
Saved: 22.16

This is my Kohl's Trip. I had a $10 gift card.
This was on super clearance, since you can guess, it's for Fall :)

Normal cost: $14.99
I paid: $4.49! (really nothing bc of the gift card)
Saved: $10.50

My Bath and Body Works Trip. I had a $5 credit.

- lotion $2.37(normally 9.50)
- puff $1.50 (6.00)
- Cinnamon sticks oil $1.87 (7.50)

Total: $5.74
Only had to pay $.74! :D

Target Trip

- Steaz Tea- FREE bc of coupon
- Penguin Plates: 50% off .99 each
- 2 Dove chocolates- .49 each!!
         (They were 50% off and I had 2- $1 off coupon!!)
- York Peppermint Patties- 50% off: $1.49
- Kisses- were a gift for my dad :)

Normal Total: $20.68
Paid: $7.50
Saved: 13.18

The total of all the trips was: $21.20! :D

I think the PG&E sale is still going on at Kroger. So if you need any of that stuff and have coupons, I would go and stock up!

Our stockpile is getting bigger! I am so excited! I am thankful that I am able to stockpile and find great deals. God blesses me with finding the deals so that I may be a better steward of our money. Eventually we will have a stockpile that will allow us to cut back on grocery expenses. Perhaps I will take a picture and share it with ya'll :D

Have a sunny day!

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