Thursday, February 10, 2011

My Laundry Room

I knocked off one thing on my to do list. I wanted to rearrange the laundry room. It is a pretty nice sized space, but I thought it could be organized better.

Here it is! I love my colorful rug! 

There was so much junk on the top shelf!

A closer look! Yikes!
Box of the paint for our walls-from the builder, Extra rolls of Bounty
Box of Caulk, Wood Glue, left over paint, an iron, BBQ accessory kit, Unused caddy and
Random boxes 

The door opens inward and this lurks behind it!
Those blinds were in a kitchen cabinet when we moved in. 
They're those cheapy plastic blinds

On the left as you walk in. 
My vacuum for the kitchen tile, container of litter, the red one holds kitty food. 
I moved their food to a clean cat litter container to keep any ants out. 
One big bag of Purina fits perfectly!
- That shelf was a total mess and unorganized, but I forgot to take a picture of it. 


This is still about the same. 
My pretty rug makes me smile!

Most of the boxes were trashed. 
Some stuff got put in a better area!
BBQ set- under the wire shelf! 
Oh that big brown box = Spare litter pan liners for the automatic litter box(a has to stay there box)

SO much better!! I have more room to move!

The shelf, now organized!

On top of the shelf.  The lid to my antique bowl holds my jewelry/etc at times.

This is one of my favorite parts of this room!
I wrote on some of them, words from songs and scripture.

I changed the background in this frame, it was solid turquoise fabric.
 I found this scrapbook paper on clearance at Hobby Lobby. 
I like it much better!
 My favorite winter scent from Bath and Body Works! Yum!

That's my little organizing re-do! I am happy with it! Just a little bit of work and the space is so much better! :)

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