Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Tale of Two Side Tables

One day Joey and I were visiting his aunt, to check out her newly redone floors. She then showed me some side tables. She got new ones and the previous ones were originally from my mother-in-law's parents. So since they had so much history in the family, I said yes.

The original idea was to see if they looked ok in our house, if not then we'd sell them in Needville's City Wide Garage Sale. Well...that was back in September. The end tables would not fit in Joey's car so we had to wait until we could borrow his step-dad's truck or have my car in Needville. We kept putting it off. 

Eventually they moved to Joey's mom's house.

By then, the City Wide Garage Sale had long past. To be honest, I was rethinking it. I didn't know if I wanted them anymore. I thought they would just take up space and be something that was free that I snatched up and not something I absolutely loved. However, they were at my mother-in-law's waiting for me.

A few weeks ago, Joey's mom, step-dad, and sister decided to deliver them to our house. I was afraid I would have to break the news to his mom and tell her that I didn't like them. 

The awesome thing....turns out.....I LOVE them!! :) What a blessing!!

After they left, I busted out the Pledge and Old English. They looked so much better without all the dust!

Then I had to go around and find items to decorate it with, I was excited!

Well...here are the beauties 

Old books were my grandpa's I believe
Little rocking chair- my great grandma's
Button Flower Pot- from grandma
Plant-IKEA (had)
Gold K- Hobby Lobby- 50% off :)
The top part is not little individual drawers, the whole thing swings open!
This one is by the rocking chair. 
The top part holds a cup with a pen, highlighter, and bookmark. 
Bottom just has a tray in it for now. 

Oops, that's a little crooked! 
My Goodwill basket- holds stuff that needs to go home with other people. 
(My mom's tupperware)

This one is behind the front door, when the door is open. It holds umbrellas for now. I'm thinking about moving the board games in the bottom part. 

I love the extra storage I get with these! The wood color goes nicely in the room and I love their uniqueness! 

They are mostly empty, so I'm still trying to think of what I can move into them to free up space elsewhere. 

So that's the story! 

TLDR (Too Long Didn't Read): Committed to take them, Second guessed my commitment, ended up LOVING them!

I want to thank my mother-in-law for storing these for me! My father-in-law was very sweet and loaded/unloaded them into his truck! Also, if Joey's aunt didn't redo her house, I wouldn't have gotten these! Thanks guys! :)


the cape on the corner said...

lol-too long didn't read. i read, i read! i love that you ended up keeping them-they are definitely unique pieces. the wood is a good choice, and down the road if you wanted to paint them white or something-as appears to be all the blog rage-you can. what great little family finds!

Rachel said...

Lol! Thanks for reading it all! :)I do love their color! I thought a little about painting them, but that's a lot of work. lol