Saturday, March 20, 2010

Garage Sale Time

Today and tomorrow is the Needville City Wide Garage Sale. Mom and I decided to go, just to go. We met up with Mary (my mother-in-law) and went a lookin'! We went to the new subdivision over by the elementary school and some on Luise Street. And then....the rain came!! The clouds started rolling in and we got to the car just in time!

It didn't seem like this time there was too much good stuff out. It was drizzling in the morning, but stopped a little later. So there was not many people out, which was nice...but then the garage sales were not that plentiful either. It would have been great if I wanted clothes or baby stuff. Perhaps we just didn't go to the right spot. We stayed pretty much by the elementary school and since the rain was coming we didn't venture out any more than that.

I did get some goodies though :) My mom bought a few things and Mary bought a cute decorative ceramic bunny. Here's the things I got:
This candle(never used!) is from Bath and Body Works (normally $19.50!) 
I paid $2

I thought this was adorable!! :) It can be hung up or set on a shelf
 I paid $2

This is also from Bath and Body Works! It is an oil warmer. You put oil in the top and lift the top and place a tealight candle under. It warms the oil and makes you house smell good! 
They had it marked $2. I paid $1

Then I got all these children's books! :D There were more, but I didn't want to spend too much on books. 
The lady selling them was really nice!
She wanted $5 for all these
I paid $3!

Total I spent:  $8! :)

Overall it was a good time. 

I have also gotten some goodies in the mail this week :)

- Coupon Booklet of Target Coupons
- Light & Easy Cookbook
- Coupon booklet from Eat Better America
- Cute Gooseberry Farm recipe book ( I have been waiting for this one!)
- Dried Plums...but the mailman squished they will be thrown away
- Coupon for Free Seventh Generation dish soap!

That's all for now! Have a great day!

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