Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Happy Tuesday!

I hope everyone had a great Monday! My Tuesday is going great so far!

Fort Bend ISD had a job fair this morning! I gave out 10 resumes to different elementary schools! I'm hoping that will amount to an interview! :)

On the way home I stopped by Quizno's, got me a yummy sandwich with a free drink and chips! I used a coupon they have on their website!

I ran into HEB to get some yummy grapes that were on sale as well as some butter (we ran out and I need some for sugar cookies I want to make). Went to Home Depot and got us a new bird feeder! :) The other one I had broke (see it here- the kitty feeder) so I was excited to get another one! The kitties and I like watching the sparrows that come to eat! Occasionally a dove will come to eat and the feeder would become lop-sided! Lol

In a little while I am going to rearrange the stuff on the top of our kitchen cabinets. I like the stuff, but to me it looks a little cluttered.

The other day we had a lizard (we have the green anole kind) on our patio door that got Burney's attention. He was jumping to try to reach it. Then I noticed there was another lizard on the other side of the door. One has been hanging around our house and has mated on our patio...I call him Papa or Grandpa lizard. He looks older and usually has a big head, that's how he got his name. Well him and this other male lizard start circling each other! They puff up their throat and chest and they keep flashing their red throat things! Then they'd lunge at each other with their mouth open. It was interesting! It kept the kitties' attention for a good while, even when they couldn't actually see them anymore!

Random Fact: Did you know those lizards shed their skin?! We had one shed his/her skin on our patio! They eat the dead skin that comes off too! I of course grabbed my camera to take some pictures of it shedding.  What a great teaching moment for my class one day!

(On a non-related note)

Yesterday I made Rainbow Pudding Pops!! I was so excited to get to use my Tupperware popsicle set I got at the Citywide garage sale!

Here they are about to go into the freezer!

They turned out pretty good! The recipe uses vanilla pudding. It is good, just rich for me! I like the more fruity type of popsicles.  I absolutely adore the rainbow though! 

Rainbows make me happy! I have always loved them! I think they are so pretty! I love the promise that comes along with them. Our God sure does make beautiful promises! :)

Had to share a picture of my rainbow colored wash cloths! 
Each time I fold these to put them away, I smile! They are such fun, bright colors!

Have a great Tuesday!

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the cape on the corner said...

i like this post-it's nice to just have a bunch little things that made us happy or helped make our day good. today was like that for me-after a presentation, a man came up to me and told me i had fantastic enunciation. the oddest compliment ever, but still. i'll take it, lol.