Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday! (WIWW)

Alrighty, I remembered to take pictures through everything going on!

We had Yao's passing, Joey had pnemonia (a not so bad kind...antibiotics killed it!) a birthday party, was a crazy week. Then last week was OneCamp. 

OneCamp was awesome! We had a great speaker, Sean McDowell

Now onto my WIWW! :) I am (of course) linking with Lindsey at The Pleated Poppy!

July 3rd
This was for church 
Love how skinny this skirt makes me look! :)
- Shirt: old! From JcPenny's
- Necklace: Premiere Jewelry
- Skirt: thrifted! ($6, orginally from Target)
- Shoes: Payless

I went to Goodwill a few weeks ago. I went to find just belts for around my waist. I left with 2 skirts and 2 belts! :) 

- Purple Skirt :$6 (still had Forever 21 tag on it!)
- Gray Skirt: $6 (from Target)
- Blue elastic belt: .99!
- Reversible belt (it's black then brown): .99!
Total: $13.98

Lunch with my mom!
- Shirt: Target clearance!
- Shorts: Kohl's
- Shoes: my Ssekos!! :D

I ordered my Sseko's last Wed and had them by Saturday! 
They had a B1G1 free deal with their staps!
I got the teal and black ones. 
Learn more about Ssekos Here

For running errands. 
I love the comfy-ness of that shirt, but the fit is kinda frumpy. 
I'm thinking it needs a belt or something.
- Shirt: Old Navy clearance (last year)
- Capri's: Ross
- Shoes: Ssekos

I hope you have a great rest of the week! 


the cape on the corner said...

those shoes look so neat, i'll have to look into those. pneumonia, eek, hope he's feeling better!

Rachel said...

Thanks! :) He is back to normal now! Thank goodness for good antibiotics!