Sunday, December 11, 2011

Woo Hoo!


Tomorrow we have a guy coming to our house to start installing our new wood laminate floors (Pergo)!! :D

He will be ripping up all our carpet and replacing it with wood  while we are at work. (Don't worry, we know this guy and he is very trustworthy!)

This project was on the "one day" list since shortly after we moved in and we figured it would be a while until we got to do it.

We found a great sale on it about 2 weeks ago, bought it at .88 a square foot! Which normally it can go as high as around $2!

I am going to definitely take before/after shots. So those will be coming soon!

Meanwhile I'm gonna try to calm down my control-freak side of my personality and just go with the flow! Just being honest. I'm not proud of it. Joey graciously puts up with that ugly side and calms me down. Such a good man!

I am SO excited to get rid of that carpet though! 3 cats + carpet = yuck!

Can't wait to post the before/afters!