Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Wow! The last time I posted something was in September!!! WHAT?!

Well a lot has gone on since then!

I've been absent mainly because I got a long term substitute teaching job! Meaning I go there everyday....I've been in the same class since October 3rd.

It is nice to have somewhere to go everyday and know each student :)

Let's see...since last time I was on....

  • We went to a wedding in New Orleans
    • It was my husband's cousin
    • Trip was 6 hours one way driving. Yikes! 
    • However it was worth it and SO fun!
    • After the wedding, which was in a park in front of a beautiful church, we did/had a Second Line
      • Basically we walked to the reception area (some blocks away) with a band in front playing music and the guests all had hankies we waved. 
      • It was something I would never do and it was fun!
  • Thanksgiving happened of course!
    • Lots of yummy food!!
    • We went to Joey's parent's house. (I don't think that's proper grammer, meh)
    • My mom and grandma joined us over at Joey's parent's house
      • This was awesome! One big Thanksgiving with both my mom's side and Joey's family
  • Black Friday
    • Yes...I participated in that craziness!
    • At first I was only going to go to Bath and Body Works (their big candles were on sale plus I had coupons!)
    • Then I kept looking in the ads. Bad idea!
    • At 11:00 my sister-in-law came over to go with me and my mom did too. 
    • We were in the line outside of Target at 11:30. We definitely  were not the first. Not even in the first hundred. 
      • I wanted to go to Target to get the Shark Steam Mop. It was half off!
      • I got one! :) Sadly, it hasn't been tested. It's still in the box. Sad, I know!
    • After that we headed to Bath and Body. 
      • I got 2 3-wick candles (normally 19.50 each- were 2 for $20), 7 body washes (Buy 3 get 3 free...used a free product coupon to get another one free), and the bag promotion (buy $40 of stuff get bag for $20) all for $56! Yay! 
    • Then Kohl's
      • BAD IDEA! We went for those plastic tumblers with the straws. They had them for $3. I got one of their big throws. We stood in the line for almost an hour. I only had 3 items! I seriously thought about just leaving. We didn't. I am glad I got the stuff. The blanket is awesome!!
    • Last was Best Buy
      • My sister-in-law wanted to get her boyfriend a present. The line was not bad at all by then. (2:30 am)
  • Went to bed after done shopping. Later that day we went to visit family in Galveston
    • Joey's family was down. I love hanging out with them! It is always a fun time! :)
  • The weekend after that was the Texas reception for the same wedding we went to in New Orleans. 
    • Dancing, food, a candy bar!
    • Fun times were had! 

That's it! I don't have pictures of ANY of it either! Fail!

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! I'm trying to get my house ready for Christmas! 

I promise it won't be so long to the next time I post! I'm hoping to take pictures of the Christmas decor and post before Christmas this year! :)

Have a great night!

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the cape on the corner said...

i've never been to new orleans, so i think that would be neat, as well as participating in that precession in the streets, how fun! you did a lot of black friday shopping, good for you! i'm always afraid whatever i went for would be sold out, and i got up and waited in hours long lines for nothing. glad your items were there-you have to let me know how that shark is!