Saturday, March 2, 2013

School Happenings!

Happy March!

I can't believe it is already March!

I've been staying busy with substitute teaching all this year so far. In January, I started in a fourth grade classroom teaching math and science. It was a vacancy, I applied and didn't get it. I'm okay with that now! :) God had better plans for me!

For a month now, I've been subbing in a first grade classroom. I LOVE it! It is crazy and hectic on some days, but the excitement the kids show when learning is something I love seeing!

So far in the classroom I have implemented:
- the tattle monster (tissue box dressed up to be a monster similar to the one I linked to)
        - The students write their non-emergency, not as serious tattles down and feed it to the monster
        - I have a poem next to it to remind them. Found here.

- the desk fairy

- Drops in the jar (classroom management- behavior management)
     - When they do great, the add a marble (the clear cheap vase filler from Dollar Tree)
     - When the whole class does well, we add a larger marble
     - These can be added or taken away.

- Mystery walker- love this one!
     - Choose a name at random. Don't tell them who it is. That way each child will think it's them.
     - Watch that child to see if they walk nicely/correctly in the hall
     - When they do, they get dragon dollars(a school-wide incentive) and they get to put a marble in our jar.
     - I announce the mystery walker if he/she did well and do not if they mess up. That way they are not  called out.

- Kindness cards
    - I found those at Michael's, they were $1.
    - If a student gets those they keep the card and receive a Mardi Gras necklace (I have a ton, since my father-in-law lives in Galveston, where they have a parade).
    - Getting a necklace means they are my special helper. They help with different things during the day. Lunch basket, cafeteria duties, any special notes I need sent to another teacher, etc.
    - They get to keep the beads. Again, I have a bunch, so I can afford to get rid of them.

Almost all  of those ideas have come from Pinterest!! I've linked the ones that are.

Yep, school has been keeping me busy! I love it though! I am at the same school, very near Joey's work so we are still carpooling! Such a blessing! We have saved a bunch on fuel costs! :)

Next week is Public School Week and Open House on Thursday. Then after that Spring Break!

The week before last, during writing, I had the students create their own super hero. Being a comic nerd, I thought this would be such a fun topic to write about. The students really enjoyed it. I told them they can create their own, with whatever powers. Nothing violent though. I told them not to copy super heroes out there, if they did choose one, they had to change something about them. (Batman but with laser eyes...Spider- Man with flying powers).

It was fun! I've learned I have a student who likes Deadpool. A first grader probably shouldn't know who that is, but he/she does! Lol! Also had 2 students ask me if I knew what World of Warcraft is. They were fascinated to know that I did and that I have played it. (They both have family members who play.)

It's an interesting journey that God has taken me on so far with teaching. I've questioned Him many times, but I am so happy that I am where He has put me. Even if it's not a permanent position. I know that there is a place for me, and I am waiting as patiently as I can! I am happy that I get to teach and impact lives while I wait. It's pretty awesome!

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