Thursday, December 5, 2013

I'm still here! much has happened since I wrote last!

One of the biggest things that happened was I got a job!!! I thought I mentioned it on here, but I guess I didn't! Oops! Back in July I went on an interview for a school way far from our house, it sounded promising, so I wanted to meet with them. Interview went well, told me to expect a call back. As soon as I got to my car I noticed I had a voicemail. I listen and it's a principal asking to meet me for an interview.

When I went in for the interview they had 3 positions available. Special Education, 3rd grade and 1st grade. The interview went really well! I wasn't nervous, I felt like I was confident and did my best.

They called me the same afternoon and offered me the job! Not only that, but it was for Special Education, the position I was really hoping I would be offered!

Yep, that's where I have been! Teaching, teaching and more teaching! I teach Special Education at a school that is only about 4 minutes away from where Joey works! It is challenging at times, but I love it!

Other life changes started happening in August (no not babies). We started looking at houses in a particular neighborhood we like. We have friends and relatives in this neighborhood and we really love the feel of the area.

We put an offer on a house and felt that if God didn't want us to get it, then it would not be accepted. Well, they accepted it! We officially closed on the house on Sept. 1st. This house is only about 4 minutes from our old house. It's a house built in 1974 with a nice big backyard and atrium. The nice thing is the owners really kept up with it! The original double ovens and stove top still works! Plus most of the major things were done 2-3 years ago (hot water heater, roof, ac/heater)

Almost all of October we worked on the house. It didn't need any major things. We just wanted to paint, put in wood laminate, and things like that. Joey and I worked and worked. Then when our family friend was free, he came and painted the wood paneling and installed our floor, baseboards, and crown molding.

I LOVE the fact that we had an opportunity to make this home our's. To put our stamp on it in other words. We painted over some not so pretty colors and choose colors we liked. (Our other house we never attempted to paint the perfectly fine white walls.)

Don't worry, I will be posting before and afters!!

As of right now, our other house is on the market and we have all the major pieces of furniture moved into the new house. It was a pain trying to keep it looking really nice for showings, so we wanted to move as soon as we could. We started moving things as we went and then two weeks ago we moved all the major items. Including  the kitties. Turtles are still yet to move, since their tank is huge...but they will be coming really soon.

We are still moving in all the little things from the other house. I think when you move, all the little things start multiplying! Our new formal dining room is making for a perfect staging area when we move things in.

Joey put in the cat door this evening and little touches like that are still happening, but very soon I will share before and afters. The afters will be before all the stuff, since that will take a while.

Other than that, other things have happened which I don't really feel like going in depth about, but I wanted to mention for me to read later.

- My grandma (mom's mom) passed away on 11/8. We celebrated her birthday that Sunday before. We went to 59 diner. She was 77.
    - It was sudden, she fell ill and went to the hospital that Tuesday with normal things that she's had before. Then we found out she had other problems. I went to see her that Friday the 8th. An hour and a half after I arrived she passed away. My mom, Joey, a friend of my grandma's and I were there when the doctors came and told us. I honestly haven't allowed myself to stop and think about it too much.
  - She was so excited about our new house. It's located in the neighborhood she wanted to live in when her and my grandpa first moved to this town. For the past two-three months I would show her pictures and give her updates. She was so excited to come and see it once it was done. She never had a chance though, but I know she would be happy and would love it.

- I got all four of my wisdom teeth taken out the Thursday before my grandma's funeral. Bad timing I guess, but I needed to get it done ( I had one partially in and partially still under the gum....hello cavity heaven!). It went well, Joey said I didn't do anything funny which I was a little sad about. I got my first operation with anesthesia. I was on jello, pudding, shakes for 3 days. Good thing is my pants are a little looser, but I don't recommend the method!

That's all for now. Have a great day! :)

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