Sunday, November 9, 2008

Wedding Shower and Yao moving

I had the big wedding shower yesterday! Family, friends, and family friends was a lot of fun! I smiled so much my face hurt! lol It was the shower I have previously talked about that was hosted by Peggy, Patty, Jeanne, Debbie, Nita, Megan, and Bethany! :) It was just a ladies, but Joey and some of the guys came over afterward to eat some cake. We got so much stuff that it took up all of Joey's SUV!! For those of you that weren't there, we got our bathroom taken care of; we got our dishes, and a lot of cookware :D I'm excited about using it! We got a lot of nice things! Oh and the hotesses did such a great job incorporating our colors into the shower...they even got a purple(ish) beta fish for a center piece!! So we now have a fishy :D

Yao has offically moved over to Joey's now. I took him over to have a play-date with Daisy and realized that it would just be better for him to stay instead of traumatizing him by moving him back and forth! It's also nice because Daisy and Yao are already getting used to each other. It takes a few days, but this way they will be so used to each other by the time we get married! Another good thing is Daisy's random feet attacking has stopped! She just now randomly attacks Yao! lol It's funny to watch them!

The wedding day is getting near and I'm just getting more and more excited!! The invitations came in this past week, so we will need to be sending them out soon! School is getting crazier, but I knew it would. I don't know why but it always seems that the teachers wait until the last part of the semster to have everything due! ACK! But I only have about 4 weeks left! Then an awesome whole month off! :)

Well that is all! Have a great day!

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