Monday, November 24, 2008

Winding down!

Hi Everybody! lol I am so excited because school is starting to wind down! I have these 3 days this week, then a crazy full week...then finals! Then FREEDOM! Well at least for a month :D I still have a lot of work to do, but I'm at the point where I am tired all the time! So this Thanksgiving break is much needed! Although I still have to be doing homework during the "break". I am trying to start projects ahead of time that are due next week, but then the classes I'm going to this week give me more homework due Wed. So it is an interesting time :) I figure my getting married and the honeymoon will be the reward for all the work this semester!
Since my last post:
- The wedding cake lady that I mentioned in my last post canceled on us.
- We went and test tasted the food for the reception meal.
- My mom and I went and taste tested cake, from a different place.
- The invitations are getting mailed out :)
- Went to get fitted for alterations

So the story with the 1st cake ppl. My mom said that they called and informed her that they has too many weddings that day and that they would not be able to do ours...then they said that they would be closed until the 5th. I was disappointed, but we found another place to do it. The other place seems to do good cakes. I didn't like the fact that they gave my mom and I like an inch of cake for the both of us to sample! I guess I was hoping for a lot of cake eating! lol I looked at the pictures of the cakes they have done before and I found a cake that I liked. I never knew how expensive wedding cakes are!!! It is crazy! But the cake I picked out is a "reasonable" price ( I still think it's expensive) and the cake will be really pretty!

Here is the picture of the tiny samples, the rough drawing the lady did and the picture of one that has already been made:

This is what the cake will look like except the details will be in a dark purple(one of my colors) that way the all white love birds will stand out on top of the cake :) The piping in between the layers will remain white as the rest of the cake :)

I went and got my dressed altered. It will be ready Dec. 19th :) There were so many pins in the bottom...the lady looked at me and went "too long...way too long" lol I had I think my first dream about something being wrong with the dress. I figured the dreams would start coming soon...the whole walking down the aisle naked dream will soon intow! lol

Oh we went and taste tested the food for the reception...that was fun! We got enough food to try to take home left overs! YAY! We decided on the Chicken Parmesan :) I am going to go talk to him tomorrow to tell him!
We still haven't taken our engagement pictures, but I think we are going to do that Dec. 6th. I think that is all the wedding stuff we have done since the last post! I've been trying to wash and put up the gifts that we recieved. That way when I do move in, they are all there for me to use :)

Well I am sure this post is really long! I just have a lot to talk about :)
Have a great day!

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