Sunday, November 2, 2008

Hooray for daylight savings time!

I am so grateful for Daylight Savings Time and gaining an hour of sleep! I thought daylight savings was last weekend though, I woke up and my cell phone had already changed, and somehow my alarm clock got an hour ahead! I didn't figure out what happened until I got to work...Daylight Savings was moved!! I thought that was a weird statement.

I went to go see my dad yesterday, I talked to Cat about the flowers and the decorations. It was exciting, I like talking about the wedding, so being able to talk about it so much was nice :) I haven't been there in a while bc of work, so it was really nice to see them!! :) They have some more cute kitties, which made me want one, but I figured Yao would not like to be ganged up on by the 2 younger kitties......well actaully it would have just been too many cats for the space :)

We have received more presents in the mail :) And I just got word from the seller on Ebay and my love bird cake topper is going to be coming in this Tuesday :D I was starting to worry about it! I am getting very excited about the shower coming up this Saturday! :) Cat (my step-mom), Ms. Paula, Kim (both Cat's sisters), Nana (their mom), and Jessi (my step-sister) are all coming!! :D Nana is coming all the way from central Texas to come to the shower!!! So that really makes me happy to hear that they are coming! :D

Well that's all the random things that are going on w/ me! Have a great day!

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