Monday, December 29, 2008

4 Days!

Hi Everyone!

I hope you had a great Christmas! I did all 6 of them! lol I had one w/ Joey's mom, my mom, my grandma, Joey's step family, Joey's dad side in Austin, then I will have one on the 1st with my dad!! :)

I had a nice Christmas! Got nice things and had fun with the people we were with :) My mom has already taken down the Christmas tree! She did that before we got back this past Sunday!!

I think I might buy a Wii...I know a random message, but after playing one twice with a few days of each other, I have realized how much I like playing it! Rachel (Joey's sister) got the Wii Fit for Christmas. It was so much fun to play!! Then when we went to Austin we played Wii Sports, that was fun too! It is great when you have people over! I don't know, I will think about it a lil more and wait for a while...dropping $250 right now is a lil crazy, so I think I'm going to wait for a while :)

So... we are 4 days away!!! I can't believe it! lol Tonight when Joey got off of work we went to go exchange his ring...yes his ring has already come in!! :D So he will have the real one for the ceremony!! :) That makes me really happy! Then we went to Men's Warehouse to get Joey some black pants, a white shirt and to find ties. We found some ties, but we had to go to Macy's to get Joey's tie. He is going to wear a dark purple tie while the others wear silver :)

We have picked out the songs for the rest of the ceremony :) I cried but that's not surprising :)
I have been packing and trying to move more stuff over to Joey's, but it is kinda hard since I haven't unpacked the other stuff I have already brought over! It will all get done in time though!

Well I haven't gotten nervous about the getting married part; the only thing that makes me nervous is the people...having to go around and talk to people afterwards. And the stuff getting done before is making me a lil nervous, other than that I am fine!
Honestly it still seems surreal! lol I know that must sound crazy, but that's how it is! I have my dress in my room and yet it still feels that way! I always wanted this and now it is here and it is so exciting and just so awesome! I think it might seem that way since I just don't have time to just think about it, I am always thinking about what needs to be done and such. But every-time I heard the song that I am going to walk to I cried...when we listened to the songs for the rest of the ceremony I cried! So when I do just stop I get very emotional! :) Just some random stuff about my feelings, since I am sure people wonder how the bride feels a few days before!

Well I'm sure this is a long post, so...
Have a great day!

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