Friday, December 12, 2008

The Semester is OVER!!

Hi :)
I had my last final on scariest one, an oral final! I am SOO happy that finals and this semester is over with! It was so hard to try and concentrate with the upcoming wedding and everything. I am just so happy that its over! I will never have to plan a wedding and do school at the same time ever again! lol

Here is the list of stuff I still need to do...just in case anyone cares :)

Wedding Update:
- go make sure the alterations are good Dec. 19th
- get marriage license!
- get wedding rings
- get unity candle
- try and finalize the count of ppl, but most haven't RSVPed yet
- move in in the 2 weeks I have!
- pick out songs for the ceremony
- check on flower status
- check on bridesmaids dress status
-remind Joey to get gifts for the groomsmen
- etc.

I know there are prob. more things to do, I just can't remember right now :) Joey's mom was great and checked into the rehearsal dinner stuff for me and she is going to send out invitations, which I am so happy that she took that on herself!

Sadly we weren't able to do engagement pictures, but we will have ones from the wedding, and when we go and visit married ppl's houses that is all the pictures they have up of the both of them. So it won't be that big of a deal.

It is getting closer and closer! Which is exciting but I feel like there is a lot of little details to work out. But I know everything will be worked out :) The count for the wedding is about 82 right now. I thought I would include that, so when I am reading this later it would amuse me lol

Well not much else is going on. I cleaned and organized Joey's apartment a little today...getting it ready for all my stuff lol I really don't mind cleaning. Which I know years later I will see that statement and think something was wrong with me lol

Well that is all right now :) Have a great day!

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