Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Busy Bee

Hi Everyone! :)

Since my last post I have been a busy little bee! I have been cleaning and organizing Joey's apartment so I can move in more of my stuff! I finished putting up the gifts we have already received. I did make a cake, and frosted it and everything! :) Just because I felt like it! lol The organizing is a slow process and I find other things to do a lot instead of doing that, so it's taking a little longer.

Wedding Preparations:
(what we have completed since the last post)
- Bought wedding rings
Joey's is taking 2 months to come in since the store didn't have his size, so we just got a regular band for the ceremony and we will trade them when his comes in. We did that Sunday.
- Got our marriage license
That was really exciting! We got that today!
- I went to go get my dress
However, it was still too long and too big on the side...so I am picking it up tomorrow at 1pm. I was disappointed that I didn't get to take it home this past Friday, but I do not want to trip over my dress either! When I tried it on I could see myself just eating the floor in front of everyone! lol
- Bought unity candle, candle holder, guest book, pen, hanky for me (since I know I will cry!), and  a garter.
We are not doing the throwing of the garter or bouquet. The last weddings we went to no one was excited about it and so I feel that it is silly to do so. So I am just wearing a garter just because...I guess to show it to my daughter one day...well it makes since to me :)
- Found the song for coming down the aisle
Joey found the song...it was one that was used in a short film someone had made. It is really beautiful. Joey was awesome and edited it (it had words- not English- and was a lil long).  Every time he played it I started to cry! :) I would have an "emotional moment" as Jeff would call it :) lol (Just in case you do not know who Jeff is, he is our pastor and is doing the ceremony)

The only things we have left to do is groomsmen ties, get Joey some black pants, find a lace table runner for the unity candle table, and pick out the rest of the songs for the wedding.

It is crazy how close it is! I have been wanting this for so long and now it is here! It sometimes seems surreal, then I realize that this is real :D I am so happy and excited! We received our cruise info. We also looked at the day excursions to do on the cruise! It is going to be fun!

I know I talk a lot about the wedding and the details, but I figure it is interesting for others to read or read later, and I want to be able to look back and read everything that went on!

It is insane that Christmas is already here! It is this Thursday! I want to enjoy it, I do not want it to be like getting through it to the wedding! Sometimes I just need to slow down. I have already bought presents...I did that with the money I had from Carter's. It is not much this year, but I don't have a job and that is not the real meaning of Christmas anyways!

Well for all the hundreds of ppl that read my blog...
Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year! :D

I hope you have a great day!

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