Sunday, April 26, 2009

Our House! :D

Hi Everyone!

A lot has happened since the last post. We are all moved in! :) As of today we have everything out of the apartment into our house!! Which of course means, if you come over there are many, many boxes now. That will be my project this summer!

We ended up closing on the house April 17th at 1:00. We got out of the office I think about 2:30. We had to go to Pearland, since our realtors were from there, they picked a title company there. Out title company was Stewart, which I have heard is a great title company.

After we closed we immediately came to the house, since we had the Lowe's guy coming and the carpet man coming. When we got to the house the Lowe's guy was already there (he said he arrived early). He worked and put our new fridge, washer and dryer in. When he was almost done the carpet guy came. He cleaned all the floors in the house.

Saturday we had all our loved ones come to help us move in. Unfortunately for us God had plans for much rain that day. Which was good for the planet, bad for moving. So wecleaned. My dad and Mike worked on changing the locks. Mary and I cleaned the house basically . I was very grateful to Mary because she cleaned the bathrooms, which I hate to clean. So Mary if you are reading this thank you so much! :)

That Sunday the weather was great and we had many many people out to help move everything heavy. That night we slept in the house :) All throughout the week we moved what we could. All throughout the week we had: AT&T, the gas people, and termite people out.

Then yesterday we had Joe, Granddad, and Carmen out. Joe got all the green off the panels in the back of the house, it looks awesome, Joey helped him put weed n' feed out, and Joe fixed our dishwasher problem! Carmen helped me decide where to put some kitchen stuff and helped clean. It was a good day! Oh we also had our garage door opener installed! Then today Joey, Mary, my mom, and I got everything out of the apartment and brought it to the house!

I am SO happy not to have to be packing and moving things up and down the stairs in the apartment! I love our house! Everyone else seem to really think it was an amazing deal! That in itself makes me happy. The cats like it, they have more room to run and play.

I haven't taken any pictures of the outside of the house, but as soon as I do, I will post them.

For school: this is the last normal week of this semester!!! Then next week I have only 1 final. All my other finals have been projects, which I like much better. I will still have to go to HBU next week more than once, but just to watch presentations. Oh and one to share a story we have been writing, in my Reading: Pre-Adolescent class. This week, I just have 3 projects to do. I have to teach a phonics lesson to my peers (as if they were little kids), a science magic presentation (like how an egg can get sucked into a bottle) and I have to present my electronic portfolio I have been making throughout the semester in my Application of Technology class.

After that SUMMER!! :D YAY!

I will post some pictures of the house really soon...really I will!

Have a great day! :)

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