Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Hey Guys!
Sorry I haven't been able to post the pictures until now! It's been crazy with finals and moving and all that stuff! :) Alright here are the pictures!

This is our awesome house :)

This is the living room before...(right after we got the carpet cleaned)

Our living room now :)
This is our kitchen, it was a lil messy since we were moving. 
(In this picture I was standing where the breakfast area is)


I would post more before and afters, but I haven't gotten the other rooms looking the way I want yet :)

Since we have moved our kitties have been able to go and discover outside! Surprisingly Yao and Daisy love it! Daisy lived outside for a while at my dad's house, before we got her, so it wasn't too surprising that she likes it. But Yao...the only times he escaped out of the house he ended up on another person's patio meowing for help. And the last time I took him to "discover" grass, he hated it. But here is proof!

It's a lil blurry, since he was moving.

Here is Daisy

That is all for now! :) I will post more pictures later :)

Have a great and sunny day!

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