Saturday, June 13, 2009

Beautiful Summer

Hey Everyone,

The picture above is a beautiful sunset from back in Jan. when we went on our cruise. I thought I would share for your enjoyment!

So it is summertime! YAY!! I've been doing a lot of house stuff. Cleaning and organizing and a little decorating.  Sometimes soon I am hoping on painting. I have the colors picked out, we just need to decide when is the best time to do everything. I'm excited...we'll see how long that lasts :) It will look really nice once it's all done. And then I can hang stuff. I have been waiting on hanging things on the wall, so that is one less thing I have to do when we did paint. The colors are: for the formal rooms in the front, the kitchen, and living room: a neutral (beige-ish) color...then for our master bedroom will be a silverish blue color. I am excited! Eventually, maybe the other rooms will get painted too. I think the 4 rooms are enough for right now :)

I have started working for OneCamp. For about 3 years I have been handling the registration of the churches, making sure they pay, filing paperwork from the churches, filing the camper's information, then making all the badges for the campers, sponsers, and staff. I like it :) So far this year we started out really booked at 825 (which the camp usually has about 500-600, maybe 700 at the most) then I started doing more for the registration we are now at 710. We still have churches that have not even put in their deposit! (which the deadline has come and gone!) So basically I am the lady that calls the people and ask if they are coming to camp or not. It helps me with my weird anxiety of talking to strangers on the phone. Believe it or not I used to hate going through drive thrus, it would make me nervous...silly I know!

So I have done little projects around the house, to keep me busy during the day. Just the other day I was really random and went around and cleaned all the light switch plates and doors.

 So far this summer I have:
- landscaped the front flower beds- trimmed the bushes and tree and pulled weeds
- got a shelf and put it together to organize the things in the garage
- bought and put together a cabinet to go in our bathroom to hold hand towels and such
- fixed up the guest bedroom, rearranged stuff to make it look nice
- cleaned - a lot, of course :)
- read a book
- put some stuff up, out of the boxes
- picked out paint colors, it's harder than it sounds
- organized the clothes in our closet
- gone through my clothes
- cleaned the all switch plates and doors as mentioned above
- started reading a 2nd book

Things I want to do this summer:
- Read at least 3 books
- Paint the 4 rooms mentioned above
- Fully clean the jacuzzi tub - need to clean the water in-take filter
- Finish the guest bathroom- get a screw in the wall shower rod and put up the shower curtain
- work more in the yard- get rid of the weeds and really make the flower beds look nice.
- organize the office - all the papers
- organize the filing cabinet
- put up as many boxes as possible
- find a bookshelf (or another one) that will hold all Joey and I's books and my school stuff.
I'm sure I will think of other things to do too :)

Oh I haven't told you about what I found in the front flower beds. When I was doing yard work, I was trimming the little bushes and pulling weeds I noticed that there were a lot of........LADYBUGS!! :D I love ladybugs! There was a lot of dead leaves from the bush that were just in the flower bed and the ladybugs were all in there! I didn't do anything with the dead leaves bc I didn't want to hurt the ladybugs. There were a lot of them! It made me happy to see them, it made me work a little more carefully too!

That's all I have for now :)

I will keep you updated on what I accomplish on my to do list and what's happening this summer :)

Have a great day!

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