Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My Birthday Weekend!

So my birthday was this past Saturday. I had a lot of fun this past weekend. It all started on Friday evening.

Friday evening Joey and I wanted to do something random so we went to Kemah. We had a plan of if we felt like it after Kemah we would drive to Lake Charles. We drove to Kemah and got there about 9:30. We went to eat at Salt Grass, got some really yummy food. Then afterwards we walked around and watched the fish in the bay! It was really neat! We saw some big fish, then some weird fish or sea snake. It was thin like a snake and slithered. It was cool! We walked to where they have where you can feed the fish. There were TONS of catfish! Mmmm lol

I had to go to the restroom, so we went to the Aquarium so I could use the restroom (wasn't sure where else to find one) and saw such pretty fish! There was a tube-like aquarium that was 3 stories high, the staircase wrapped around. There was an eel! He would open his mouth at people as they went down the stairs lol Like "Rawr! I'm an eel! Fear me!" :) Here's a picture.

We left Kemah and decided to go home, since we were both tired. We saw a DeLorean in the parking garage there!! That was neat!

Saturday was a nice lazy day. That night we went out to eat with our friends Kris and Priscilla and Brian and Jessica. We went to TGI Fridays. I did have 1 drink since I turned 21. I tried the Ultimate Electric Lemonade. It was really good!! After we ate we came back to our house, ate some yummy cookie cake and played Apples to Apples. It was so fun! :)

Here's the pretty cake Joey got me:

Sunday Joey and I had dinner at my mom's to celebrate my birthday. Dinner was really good and she even made me a cake :)

Overall this past weekend was great! I had a lot of fun being with my sweet husband, my friends, and my family!

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